Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jordan Chandler almost killed by his father, not interesting enough?!

As some of you know, the man in the picture is Jordan Chandler, the person who accused Michael Jackson of molesting him in 1993. Well, as you can see Jordan has grown up. Jordan lives in NY/NJ with the money he obtained from the settlement in the 1993 case. Many people like Diane *big trunk* Dimond want you to think Jordan's life is going reality Jordan is a legal fight with his father, Evan Chandler. Jordan sued his father because in mid 2005 (now his father is suing him as well) his father tried to KILL HIM. How do I know this? COURT PAPERS. Jordan Chandler accuses his father of hitting him over the head with a 12-pound weight, spraying his eyes with mace and trying to choke him.

Why isn't this information all over TMZ? Why isn't Diane Dimond all over this one? If Diane can find out what underwear Tom Sneddon is wearing, why can't she find out about this case? Perhaps because she may be afraid to know why EVAN CHANDLER would do something like that to his own SON. Perhaps she fears what she will find out. I would think that Evan Chandler trying to take out his son would be ALL OVER THE NEWS. I'm wrong. These folks don't care about Jordan Chandler and what happens to him if it not related to Michael Jackson. But, who says it isn't? Some alleged Evan and Jordan dispute is over money! You know that money they got from Michael Jackson's insurance. I wonder, if Evan Chandler was capable of causing such injuries to his own son over what some allege is money, then why wouldn't he be capable of falsely accusing a rich celebrity to get that money. It seems nothing stands in the way of Evan Chandler. Not even Jordan Chandler.

Link to information on case:

ps. Write to Harvey Levin and ask him why hasn't he covered this case? What is he waiting for?

I'm moving to Atlanta, Georgia!

Star and Gavin Arvizo posing as Daniel and Anton Jackson

OMG! It's been so long since I was able to update my lovely blog. You see. I'm moving and I was so busy with the moving and all. My family and I--have great plans for the future. Nobody knows who we're in Atlanta, can you imagine the possibilities of grifting? Please, imagine all the people! All the people we can try to lie to! It's too bad I look like I'm 24 now, I would've done the cancer bit again. Haha! Those were the days. Those days are over. I no longer have to play the cancer victim with (my hypochondria-munchausen syndrome mom helping me of course ) Now I can just fake I wasn't the kid who falsely accused JC Penny and Michael Jackson of virtually the same thing! It's like I don't want anybody to know what I did, even though, God knows, but I won't see him. I think I'll gonna see that other guy...what's his name...Satan. Well, I still pray for God to forgive me for what I did. SIKE! I just pretend it never happened. Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Meet my dog Diane Dimond...

I adopted Diane in 1993, she was such a sweet dog. Never pooped around the house, always barked at the right times. Cute as a baby's smile. One day though, I got her a new brand of food called "Michael Jackson..." Oh lordddd, she lovedddddddddddddddd the food, she would eat it every day! I couldn't even try to change the food, the bitch just knew, which food was Michael Jackson and which was Bobby Brown. She wanted nothing to do with Bobby Brown. I noticed one day my dear dog Diane kept running around the house like crazy! I was worried about her. I then noticed Diane shitting her brains out. There was shit everywhere. I freaked out and screamed, I couldn't believe the bitch shitted all over my place. I realized the food was making my dear dog have chronic diarrhea. Everytime she ate Michael Jackson she ran to the bathroom. I tried to help her, I gave her medicine.

I took her to the doctor! I did everything for her, but she just couldn't stop eating the food that made her sick. She wouldn't eat anything else, nothing else, not even those Priest bones I used to throw her. All she wanted was Michael Jackson brand food. It's been 10 years and my Dog Diane still alive, shitting her brains out though because she's still eating Michael Jackson brand of dog food, however, she is a bit old. My dog may not have much left in her, it seems like she already shitted everything there is to shit. If not, bring it on.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Picture of Child Abuse

Want to be living it up in NYC with your friends with bling bling on your arm? It's easy my friends. Just take the example of Diane Dimond's favorite 'child molestation', pictured here. I give you Jordan Chandler everyone. All you have to do is accuse Michael Jackson of child molestation and BAM! you TOO can win the lottery! You too can live in an expensive apartment in New York, all expenses paid by none other than the KING OF POP himself! You too can get your lazy ass chauffered around in Bentleys a la Gavin Arvizo while being 'held hostage' at Neverland! You too can get your crotch waxed for free like his momma! Thank you Michael Jackson! Yes, my friends, "thank you Michael Jackson' is what our beloved Jordan is thinking as he stands there on the corner laughing at how he ruined a man's life by agreeing to a lie. "Thank you Michael Jackson" is what he thinks every day of his pathetic life as he lives off the money he extorted with a man's blood and tears. All the while, Jordan pops in one of Michael's CDs and tells himself that it wasn't HIM that almost killed the man, it was his mother and father, that he was just a victim of his parents. He tells himself that divorcing them makes him all innocent in the crime committed against an INNOCENT man. Jordan, however, doesn't realize that he's living in his own Neverland. What he should be thinking is 'damn, I had the chance to right my wrong. I had the chance to tell the TRUTH and free my conscience and Michael from my lies at his trial, but, alas, like the coward that I am, I chose to crawl back to my little hole and pretend like I don't exist. I had a chance, and I blew it." Thank You, Jordan Chandler. I hope you are proud of yourself.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nancy Grace cares more about Jackson than dead boyfriend?

Besides the issue Nancy Grace allegedly profits from her boyfriend's death by exaggerating the events that occurred. Don't you feel sorry for Nancy? I feel sorry for the family of her boyfriend, for Nancy? Nope, I don't give a crap. I don't respect anybody that makes a career out of tragedy. That's beside the point though. On January 31, 2006 Nancy Grace dedicated over 20 minutes to a Michael Jackson story. In other words how to slander Mr. Jackson as much as possible in 20 minutes? Simply present the facts how I see them and not as they're. January 31, 2006 was also a sad day for America, we lost Coretta Scott King. And how many minutes did Grace dedicate to Mrs. King? I am going to tell you it wasn't 25 minutes. Of course Grace brought the usual suspects to get her Michael Jackson fix: Diane *stalker* Dimond, some loser from who probably failed the bar exam and Brian *I am addicted to a camera* Oxman. And for 20 plus minutes I saw what civilization has become: Celebrity driven. We give a stage to obsession and people obsessed with a particular celebrity as Nancy Grace and Dimond Dimond are, sickly obsessed with Michael Jackson's every move. I am guilty of that; this blog is guilty of that as well. I know there are major injustices around the world, yet, I chose one injustice to do a blog on: the biased and unfair treatment of Michael Jackson. I don't have the communicating power Grace has, I do not have 2 million people watching my blog or regurgitating at my commentary, Grace does. And she chose Michael Jackson over Coretta Scott King. I think she would've chosen Jackson over her dead boyfriend. Yes, I believe so. Dead boyfriends do not bring as much rating as Mr. Jackson. Right Nancy?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Diane Dimond the obsessed stalker?

Diane Dimond on the defensive! Oh, I like that! What’s going on Diane? Can’t handle the truth? I hear you’re pretty angry about this line "...But some are much weaker. Michael Jackson’s near-stalker Diane Diamond’s stomach-churning title Be Careful Who You Love hit the checkout scanner just 5,000 times." Well, let’s compare other journalists covering the MJ case at the same time as you. Let’s see. Did you ever see any other so called professional journalists befriending the families that accused Mr. Jackson? Did you ever see any journalists with such close relationships with the prosecution? Did you ever see any journalist buying a fedora because they thought it was worn by Mr. Jackson?

Did you ever see any real journalists getting sued by Mr. Jackson and then having Tom Sneddon come to their rescue? Did you ever see any journalists much biased against any subject than you’ve been against Mr. Jackson in the last 10 years? Yes, Diane it is STOMACH turning because your obsession with Mr. Jackson is obvious to anyone but the family you’ve created based on your obsession with Mr. Jackson: Tom *obsessed with Mr. Jackson* Sneddon, Ray *greedy ass* Chandler, The *grifters* Arvizos, Louise *ugly as a monkey’s ass* Palanker, all your friends share one thing: greed, hate and revenge. So allegedly you may not only be a near stalker, but a woman who lives her life through Mr. Jackson.

Great comment from Abert:

Diane wasn't doing much reporting AT ALL between each criminal investigation of Michael Jackson. The hater disappeared from radar after Hard Copy was kicked to the curb up until she started getting called to comment on....guess who, MICHAEL JACKSON. Anyone with half a brain knows that her various "jobs" reporting on anything are dependant upon her Michael Jackson "exclusives".....she wouldn't have been made "editor" of the Michael Jackson case on Court TV if Tom Sneddon and company hadn't been whispering in her ear the whole time. The witch has an uncanny ability for hitting the scene right before any allegations against Michael Jackson break in the mainstream media. Like Tom Sneddon, she's like a beast waiting in the wings for her prey to come into target.....if that ain't a stalker, what is?A tad defensive isn't she?....truth hurts I guess.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ode to my family...

Monday, January 16, 2006

only a few weeks into the new year and...

According to the Broadcasting and Cable article entitled 'Media Produce Literary Leftovers', Diane Dimond's 'book' is already going 'splat'. Quote: "...But some are much weaker. Michael Jackson’s near-stalker Diane Diamond’s stomach-churning title Be Careful Who You Love hit the checkout scanner just 5,000 times." That's pretty much everyone at the SBPD! Congratulations on a job well done Diane. You deserve it!

Bad mothers wear wigs too...

In the latest book from my Godmother Diane *spinderella* Dimond writes the other reporter who covered the Michael Jackson case on Court TV, I believe her name is Savannah or how we all know her as the less obnoxious reporter on Court TV. It seems like Savannah met June Chandler at some airport after the verdict and June Chandler said to her she believed Michael Jackson will “do it” again. I've decided to write a nice little thing about that nice little comment.

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Why didn’t you think of that when you signed that settlement and obtained a million dollars?

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?


Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Every penny you’ve spent, you never thought of that?

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Why didn’t you think of that when your own son divorced from you?

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Why didn’t you think of that when you kept trying to fool Michael Jackson into giving you money. Why didn't you think of that when you signed this document?

It didn’t matter if he would “do it” again when you put that signature on that document that made you rich? Right? You sold your son’s soul. And what do you have now? A house, nice hair, but no SON.
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