Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Lowdown

The following entry is the lowdown on my family.

After Star stole my plate of Thanksgiving dinner last week, I've been really angry at my family, so I feel like exposing them. I am about to tell you who these people really are. Here is a glimpse into the face of Liars, Grifters, and Psychopaths. First I'll start with my mother. My momma was born a demon spawn, by my grandparents Thomas Sneddon Sr. and Gloria Allwrong the 1st. Every now and then, my mother goes insane. She changes personalities. Yes, that's right, she is Bi-Polar. One of Mother's personalities is Janet #1: The fake, sweet, convincing, naive, personable individual. She is the one who came about when she tried to con a car off of Azja Pryor. Personality #2 is the escaped Psych-Ward patient who claims that everybody is 'The Devil', that people are out to get her, and that she is being held captive. Janet #3 surfaces in places like Court Rooms or during Depositions. This Identity likes to make up false claims and overexaggerate and go completely overboard with stories. You may remember the story about the Hot Air Balloon, The body...I mean leg wax, German Killers, the sudden disappearance of clocks, and hidden telescopes appearing in their places. This b1tch truly is screwed up. And it's sad to think that this kind of scum gave birth to me, let alone my big fat obese brother. Star is hungry 24/7, and will go to any length to steal food. You may remember hearing about him stealing candybars from the Neverland Ranch, stealing Turkey during our Thanksgiving dinner, alcohol, etc. He has really p*ssed me off lately. So I'll explain who Star aka Daniel really is. When "Daniel" was born, I remember Mother stuffing him through the front door; he could hardly fit in his little carrier seat and had to be pushed through the doorway. He immediately began to crawl, at the age of 1 week, over to where I was sitting and eating some chips. He devoured my snack like it was the end of the world. He gained 100 pounds that day. From time to time, Daniel also thinks he sees things that aren't really there, from areas that aren't possible to see them from. For instance, when we were at Neverland having simple innocent fun, he zoned out and thought he was seeing Michael Jackson molesting me in his bed from where he was standing in the hall. When in reality, Michael was actually beating me with a club because he had just caught me sneaking into his hetero porn collection. When I realized it was women in the mag, I gasped and eased away....women not being my thing and all. But yeah, Daniel truly takes after my Psychotic mother. My sister Davellin is no angel, either. She certainly doesn't escape the inheritance of stupidity and Bi-Polar tendencies. She likes to play it sweet & innocent in front of other people, but behind the scenes she likes to sleep with chefs, get pregnant, and claim the baby is actually Mother's baby/her brother. She also likes to lie about molestation like I do. She said our real Dad abused and molested her, when in reality, he was just trying to sell her back to the Circus Freak Show where she was conceived. I shake my head in shame when I realize that poor little Jett may have inherited some of our pathetic ways, and I hope that he does not try to suck up all the attention and be in the spotlight when he grows older, because I will become jealous and have to blame him for molesting me, too. (That's what I learned to do when I am jealous or angry; pin claims of molestation on innocent people.) God please save my family from burning this Earth to the ground.

my 'details' blurb


gavin arvizo number 49

greta van susteren owes GA (ME!!!) a lollipop. thanx to accusations arvizo made about the kop's alleged pedophillic tendencies, van sustern's Fux news show became the 2nd most watched news program on cable last june. the nearly 4 mo. long michael jackson trial also boosted nancy grace, whose CNN headline news show viewership jumped 83% compared w/ the same quater in '04. and leno, letterman, and other late-night one-liner men should be signing royalty checks (*u hear that boyz?*) over to arvizo's college fund. there's litter to celebrate, obviously, in the abuses arvizo claims he suffered, but his j'accuse kept the global media revving all summer. when the innoacent verdict came down, no doubt van susteren and co. were secretly wishing there were more kids out there like gavin arvizo.


I was an atomic bomb, you're only a firecracker!

Stop the presses!

I want to communicate to the media (reporters, tv pundits) who were biasedly on my side during the trial that If I didn't destroy Michael Jackson; Anti-semitism, paternity question, drug probes will do nothing to him. I was the atomic bomb, you're only a firecracker.

At The Grand Jury...

Before I testified against Michael at the trial, I testified at a grand jury. At the grand jury, which took place less than one year after my family and I conspired with Mad Dog Sneddon to imprison Michael, and one year before the actual trial, I was asked about the molestation, and I said the following...

"It kind of feels like we're remembering back to kindergarten. Like you don't know if it really happened or not."

I guess my mommy isn't the only one with mental problems in my family. And we Arvizo-Jacksons are so obviously fake, and such bad liars, I don't know how those dumb grand jurors believed us.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm amazing!


so like 'details' revealed their list of the top 50 most influential men of the year and im like number 49 or something like that....wanna know y?

so many of the wonderful news people wouldn't have had careers or new shows if it weren't for my 'suffering' and stuff like that. so whoever said that lies don't pay off are hella wrong!

too bad angie's kid, maddox, beat me by a bunch but that's okay! i still made da list! what what?!

Monday, November 28, 2005


I was watching a tape of my mommy, Janet, where she was being interviewed by police officers. Gosh, she is crazy! I live with her, but it wasn't until I saw this tape that I realized how crazy she overly-dramatic, and such a liar. That's the tape where she talked about the imaginary conspiracy, and told the police that Michael conspired to send us (the Arvizo-Jacksons) to Brazil, far away from hotels. My mommy's not very smart, she thought that Brazil is a deserted place in the middle of nowhere....she's so silly!!

Then, at the trial, my mommy added on to the imaginary conspiracy that Michael wanted to get rid of us in a hot air balloon. But, what's the point of him conspiring to send us to Brazil, if he had already planned to get rid of us in a hot air balloon? My mommy is so stupid!!

Everybody told Mad Dog Sneddon not to put her on the stand, but the fool put her on the stand. My mommy should sue Mad Dog Sneddon. Maybe I'll sue him, and buy some intelligence for my mommy. Does anyone know where I can find the Wizard of Oz?....He'll give my mommy some intelligence!!....Maybe!!

What is fraud? God I need your forgiveness...

Not telling the people donating money for my medical bills that I was actually covered (FULL COVERAGE) by my real dad's health insurance...

Making a false police report...

Currently living OFF the state's victim funds even though I know very well I wasn't a victim...

Calling celebrities and telling them my fundraisers didn't make any money, so they could give me more money...

Accusing my father of abusing me and my mother even though I wasn't really...

Exaggerating my illness to get charities...

Can you forgive me god?


Anton Jackson

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Dear Diane Dimond,

It has come to our attention that you have been suffering from verbal diarrhoea, delusions, and overall mental deficiency. Please contact our office for an appointment, as you are due for your yearly examination.


Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


You see, Diane?....It's not difficult for people to find people on the internet, which is why Michael's fans found my site, and me, and your freakish doctors found you. Don't forget to call your doctors, because you seriously need your head examined.

Now, where was I? Oh, that's right, I was writing a list of which celebrities I'd like to con.

Gavin was sooooooooo scared for his safety...

This is one of the MANY pictures of himself, he posted on his "MY SPACE" website...

Diane, shut the fuk up!

Gavin was sooooooooooooooooo worried about his safety, he made a website with pictures of himself. Jordan was soooooooooo worried about his safety he went to college with his real name and couldn't shut up about Michael Jackson.

Diane *my godmother* can't stop exaggerating...

Latest quote from Diane Dimond:

"Diane Dimond: Why in the world would any potential, possible victim come forward now.

You saw what happened to the latest accuser in court. He and his family were vilified. There is currently a Web site which has "outed" this boy - who had been hiding in a victims protection program under a new name. Suddenly all the kids he goes to school with know HE was the boy who accused Michael Jackson. The pressure never ends for anyone who has anything negative to say about Jackson. Even the original boy, who is now in his early 20's, prefers to stay anonymous for his own safety."

Dear godmother Diane,

I know you're worried about me, however, you have to understand I actually created a "my space" website and posted pictures of myself! All those pictures of me playing football, I actually POSTED THEM MYSELF. I want to let you know that if I am under protective custody, POSTING PICTURES OF ME on a public website with my middle name and my stepfather's last name wasn't a good idea at all! And as fans have told me, they've known for years where Jordan Chandler lived, who were his friends (whom he told very interesting things, things that would not make you happy Diane!) and what University in New York he went to. Has anything happened to Jordan? Nope! Because if the fans wanted to harm Jordan, they would've! Stop with the lame excuses. And guess what? Jordan Chandler used his real name in college! You're an idiot, Diane. Stop with the phantom danger you want to create for these phantom boys!

PS. GAVIN ARVIZO LOST HIS RIGHT TO PRIVACY when he made a "MY SPACE" website, a website he then DELETED after he was caught! It was too late, we have screen captures of his website.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My mommy hallucinates...

My mommy once said that she saw Michael lick my head while we were on a private plane returning to Neverland. That’s the flight where my sister used a fake id to get alcohol. And the same flight where the flight attendant was watching me because I was acting like an idiot, and I threw food at Michael’s doctor. On the flight were: me, my brother, my sister, her friend, a little boy I later tried to molest, my mommy, Michael, Michael’s children, two nannies, Michael’s doctor, and the air hostess. Even though all these people were around me, and could clearly see me and Michael, and it was cramped, my crazy mommy insisted that she saw Michael lick my head, when nobody else did....although, she later made my brother say that he had seen Michael lick my head, too. But my mommy couldn’t get her story straight, as usual, so she first said that Michael did lick my head, and then she said that he didn’t lick my head, and then she said that he did lick my head, and then she even pretended she was a cat at the trial, to show how Michael licked my head. My mommy also said that she thought she was hallucinating....that is probably the only truthful thing she’s ever said, because she does hallucinate!!

My stepfather sent me a greeting card!

My hero is in Iraq!

"I can defend the USA against a none existent war, but it is beyond my powers to defend my family, when held captive by Michael Jackson. Don't let the gun fool you"

----Jay Jackson-----


Remember Chris Tucker, Anton?

Chris testifying in the FAKE CASE I made up with my family...

Another person The Arvizos tried to scamed, just ask Anton, who used to call him to ask him for money for fake charities...and non-existent medical bills...(paid for by my dad's insurance company, but i never bothered to tell those who i wanted money from)

My godfather and godmother expecting a child...


How was your Dia de Gracias? Mine was superb! Anyway, today I got a phone call from my Godfather Tom Sneddon and my Godmother Diane Dimond, they told me some wonderful news! They're expecting a child. See, I wouldn't have made it in the scam without the help of two people more obsessed than I am with Michael Jackson: Diane and Tom, this is for you: Well, Tom and Diane, I am very computer savvy (even tho in court I lied and I said I didn't know how to use a computer...) I created a little digital picture of what Tom and Diane's baby would look like if she or she were here today. I am sooooooooooooooo looking foward to seeing this baby!

PS. What will be the name of the baby? I'll give you a hint it starts with "C AND IT ENDS WITH T" A four letter word... C __ __ T Sneddon...

Friday, November 25, 2005

thanx a lot afbratcat , ur amazing!

yeah i am a military dependant so my rights ARE protected. but does it mean im more protected than others? ha ha...who shall i accuse next, then? Sooooo good of my new daddy to be fighting in a 'war'! it's not all yucky like the vietnam one...u know, an actual war?

so many people were suprised that i was the kid who accused doo doo....maybe b/c im bigger and stronger than him or b/c im just too hot to trot and have more fun w/ daniel than w/ anyone else. yo mike, u gotta stop putting child lock on the porn...u know, for future guests or whatever.

so, um....if anyone wants to make a donation, just call my sister. her number is on bathrooms all across the great state of Cali. danny boy ate all the stuffing so we're gonna need more.

gotta go pray now....

Thursday, November 24, 2005

When I escaped from Neverland...

“I only travelled in a Rolls Royce when I was escaping from Neverland with Jesus.”

What was I thinking? Why did I say such a stupid thing. Kidnapped people don’t escape in a Rolls Royce with a chauffeur. I blame my mommy, she gave me a script that was too long, and I had to memorize a lot of lines.

Next time we falsely accuse someone, she better give me less lines, because I'll stuff up again, and we'll never be rich.

Mike Jack did nothing for me...

As I promised here is some of my testimony on the stand:

A: GAVIN ARVIZO now known as Anton Jackson

Q. I’d like to explore your comments to the jury that he doesn’t do much to you – for you when you had cancer.
A. Okay
Q. You’ve just talked about the calls right?
A. Yeah.
Q. He invited your family to his home, correct?
A. He invited us to Neverland in the beginning, yeah.
Q. He lets your family stays at his home for weeks, correct?
A. Yeah.
Q. He gives you a car to use, correct?
A. Yeah, the same car he takes back in the middle of time that I really needed a—that my family needed a car.
Q. Gives your family an SUV so your family can go back and forth to the hospital, right?
A. Yes.
Q. Gives you a computer, right?
A. Yes.
Q. Flies your family to Florida and lets them stay in a resort for two nights, right?
A. No, he took me to Florida in the result of the Martin Bashir documentary that was being aired.
Q. Did your family stay at the resort hotel called the Turnberry in Florida?
A. Michael put us up in a resort at the Turnberry.
Q. Did you get a massage?
A. Yeah Chris Tucker paid for that massage.
Q. Did you get a watch—
A. Yes
--from Mr Jackson?
A. Yes
Q. Did you get a jacket from Mr Jackson?
A. Yes.
Q. Did your family go back and forth and stayed at Neverland for free?
A. Everybody stays at Neverland for free.
Q. Well who do you think pays the bills?
MR SNEDDON : Object as argumentative, Your Honor.
THE COURT : Well both parts, let’s start another question. Don’t—
Q. BY MR MESEREAU : Mr Arvizo, your family would stay for weeks free of charge at Neverland, true?
A. Yes.
Q. Your meals would be paid by—for by Mr Jackson.
A. Probably. Yes.
Q. Do you know anyone else who paid for it?
A. No, but I was pretty sure it was Michael.
Q. You would travel by limousine back and forth, true?
A. Yes.
Q. You also travel in Rolls Royce on occasions, true?
A. No, I only travelled in Rolls Royce when I escaped from Neverland with Jesus.
Q. When you were escaping?
A. Yes.

Stay tuned...


I read in the news today that a 100-pound woman won a turkey eating competition, and received $2500. I wish I’d known about that competition, I’d have entered my brother, 'cause he loves turkey, and my family is poor.

(as you already know, we’re not really poor, but we love other people’s money, and we're compulsive liars.)

Janet-Ventura-Arvizo-Jackson vs Hot Air Balloon...

What's the difference between Janet-Ventura-Arvizo-Jackson and a hot air balloon?

Nothing....they're both round and full of hot air!

'Tis True...

Okay, okay, it’s true that I, Anton Jackson (aka, Gavin Arvizo), did sleep in a guesthouse at Neverland, did masturbate while my brother masturbated, and did try to molest a 10 year old boy by encouraging him to masturbate with us....'cause I couldn’t help myself, I’m a degenerate!!


Is that you Diane Dimond?....or another halfwit defending con-artists?

All that talk about moral, ethical people had my head spinning. MORALS? ETHICS? You want to talk about MORALS and ETHICS?....Talk to the Jackson-Arvizos, who tried to imprison an innocent man so they could automatically pocket millions; with the help of that greedy liar, civil (money) lawyer Larry Feldman.

The idea that Michael Jackson would wait three years to molest Anton-Gavin, and within a period of less than three weeks, molest him while DCFS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE MEDIA were closely watching, and investigating him, is ridiculous, and all you pseudo-experts out there know it's ridiculous (including you, Diane), but you just don't want to admit it out loud. Nor do you want to admit that Anton-Gavin not only could not give a clear or consistent answer to anything, and that Mad Dog Tom Sneddon changed the dates of when the non-existent molestation happened, but also, Michael was hardly at Neverland during that period, and Anton-Gavin and his brother did not sleep in Michael's room, they slept in a guesthouse where they watched porn and tried to get another boy to masturbate, while their sister, in another guesthouse, enjoyed herself Monica Lewinsky style.

Wake Up, supporters of losers, or the Jackson-Arvizos will falsely accuse you, too!!

Who ate the turkey??!

Last night my dearly honest mother Janet, left the turkey in our oven. When we woke up this morning we found the turkey had been taken. We looked all over our house and we couldn't find it. Finally, we found it under my brother Daniel's bed! We were shocked! Daniel doesn't steal! (other than alcohol and porn magazines) he does not steal. He's also very honest! Other than all the lies he got caught telling on the stand (ESPECIALLY that porn magazine lie, you know the one with the different date on it) Daniel is a pretty honest guy. Oh well, we may have to con the cops to give us money for a new turkey. Because Daniel ate it all!

Nasty boys

A person named afbratcat sent me this little message:

Gavin is a military dependent now, and his rights are protected by the United States Military. Your 'blog' is a gross violation of a minor child's right to privacy. Please keep the blog up as long as possible as it shows that you, do indeed, stalk and harrass anyone who says anything negative about Michael Jackson. Your blog is proof of this harrassment and stalking. Not only have you broken the law but you have the proof out there for all to see! Good move! I'm sure the American people love how you're treating a child whose step-father is currently serving in Iraq. Yes, let's all promote your nasty little blog! Let the world see what nice, moral, ethical people Michael Jackson fans are. Let's show America what you think of our brave soldiers in Iraq and how you treat members of their family while they're gone. Hey, Req, will Michael get Oxman to defend you when the military comes knocking on your door? Did you know that some people think your blog is a subtle incitement for people to harm this child? Better go check and see how illegal that one is! I bet Michael appreciates all the negative publicity that your blog has generated so far. Just what he needs along with that nasty Jew comment that's recently surfaced.

PS honey, the AF in my name stands for Air Force so I know what I'm talking about when I mention military...

My response: Gavin/Anton didn't think of his own privacy when he made a website and posted pictures of himself and friends...very smart, right? Hmmm I think there is something even nastier than a blog about a con artist, FALSELY ACCUSING SOMEONE OF A CRIME, now that's f-ging nasty.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Vernee Watson-Johnson, remember her Anton?

Here is Vernee testifying about the fact Janet Arvizo tried con her...

Remember how your family tried to screw her over? Mrs. Johnson is the actress that played Will Smith's mother on the show Fresh Prince. More victims of the Arvizo family coming soon...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Squee! It's almost X-mas!

While on my Thanksgiving break, I am quickly becoming bored because my family and I haven't scammed any innocent families lately. Sooo, in the midst of my unbearable boredom, I decided to write up my Christmas List for this year. Below is what I want, and below that is a list of what I'm getting my wonderful, amazing family that I am so proud to be a part of:

-Jay Leno's Most Memorable Moments on DVD. (I don't know if they have this out, but I really, really want a collection of my #1 idol's most memorable shows. He is so funny, my biggest inspiration. We joked a lot during the trial. We communicated telepathically (I learned how to do that while I was locked up in Neverland and not allowed to contact my mother), and Jay communicated to me that Judge Melville looked a lot like his mother, and I told him that we should get together for some Jesus Juice after court was over.
-A 5-subject notebook (to keep a record of all my alias names)
-A deadbolt lock (to keep my fat brother out of my gay porn stash AND my secret snack stash in my room.)
-New bedsheets (because I keep having wet dreams about MJ; GOD that man is hott!)

What I'm getting for....

Ma: Quadruple-blade Schick Razors, a new jacket to pull up over her face at her next trial, and birth control pills so she'll stop popping out babies. I'm starting to envy Jett because he gets all the attention now that I didn't win Ma $200,000,000 from Michael Jackson. She's using JETT now to con money out of people.

Star: A trip to see Jenny Craig, a therapy session with Dr. Phil to analyze his issue with kitchen knives, and plastic surgery so he won't look like a constipated rat anymore. Because Star spelled backwards DOES spell Rats...

Davellin: I'm getting her her OWN live-in chef that she can screw instead of Angel.

Eee I am just so excited that it's almost Christmas. I know God must be SO proud of me. I have been SUCH a good boy this year. I have told the truth and lived my life by the Bible all my life and I DESERVE everything that I want! And I don't get it, I will accuse God ANDDDD Santa of Conspiracy! >:O

Soto Street...

My family once had this disgusting apartment on Soto Street, in East LA, where we would take our victims; people we intended to con. We didn’t live in that apartment, we only had it for show and tell....we’d show people that apartment, and then we’d tell them that we were poor. We fooled so many people, I wasn’t able to keep count of how many, but there were heaps. All the people that we took to that apartment, would then give us gifts and money. Here are some of my favorite "we fooled them" memories:

One time, a lady brought us a turkey for Christmas, because we told her that we were poor, and my mommy got angry at her. My mommy told her that we didn’t want the turkey, we wanted money. I don’t know why, but that lady never came back.

Another time, my mommy wanted me and my brother to take dance lessons, and my mommy told the owners of the dance studio that we were poor, so they gave us free lessons....that was around the time my mommy, me, my brother, and my real daddy got money from JCPenney’s.

We also got money and gifts from actor Chris Tucker and his girlfriend, because we told them that we were poor.

Comedians George Lopez and Louise Palanker, along with weather presenter Fritz Coleman, gave us too many things to mention, but most importantly, Louise Palanker gave us $20,000; we once tried to move in with her, but she wouldn't let us.

Some local police officers even raised money for us after I showed them my cancer scars, and we told them that we were poor.

We have fooled so many people, gosh, it’s unbelievable....but true. And the entire time that we were fooling all the people we fooled, Michael (Jackson, aka, King of Pop) was paying for my medical bills, even though I had no medical bills (but Michael didn’t know that 'cause we lied to him), and he was sending me and my family whatever we wanted; some of Michael’s friends gave us money, too....we told them all that we were poor. But I don’t know what’s happened to all that money. I think my mommy spent most of it on votive candles, and my brother spent the rest at McDonald’s. My brother eats a lot!!

Who I Really Am....

I wanna thank Maria for defending me. It's not easy creating a double-life but Daniel and I have done it. All we need now is more support for our cause. Look, it's hard being me. I'm cool. I'm hot. And I have a lot of stuff to remember. Gavin or Anton....Jackson or Arvizo....Mom or Cybill...David or Jay....Who Jett's mother really is....

We bulked up and are now star members of the LosAl football team! gooooooooooo 37! Really an amazing feat but luckily, uncle Jaimie found me some bluuuuud and kidney or else I'd still be mooching off of celebs.

Like I said before, it's hard being this hot and sizling....You can look but don't touch. I prefer to do that on my own....with a little help from Twinkle....late!

Maria we don't know Anton, but we know Gavin...

To Maria:

A newlife w/ new friends and use of our middle names. I was a bad egg before, I'll show it.

My new "daddy"...

Jay--Desk Duties--Jackson.

I forgot to tell you about my new “daddy”. His name is Jay Jackson and he’s in the army. I always hear in the media that Jay has been sent to Iraq, but that’s not true. The truth is, he isn’t in Iraq, he joined a program, XFW, the Xscape From Weirdos program. My mommy is so weird because she’s crazy, Jay just had to join that program, or he’d have gone mad. So don’t believe the media when they say he’s in Iraq. The media lie!!

Anton's Motto...

Lack of masturbation leads to raping women.

When I accused Michael of molesting me, like I said earlier, I told different stories, because I wasn’t able to remember all the lines (lies) I was given to memorize. One story I told was that my grandmother told me that if men don’t masturbate, they might rape a woman…this is what I said “My grandmother told me that if a man doesn’t do it, he may rape a woman.” But in another story, much later, I said it was Michael who told me that…here are my exact words, “Mr. Jackson told me that if a man doesn’t do it, he may rape a woman.” Notice how I replaced “grandmother” with “Mr. Jackson”. I stuffed up big time, and Michael’s lawyer pointed this out at the trial when I testified against Michael. I felt real dumb, but I said they both told me…which is stupid, because nobody would give such ridiculous advice to a child, especially not two people who don’t know each other. It would had to have been a weird coincidence, but it wasn’t, and nobody bought it, which is why Michael was found Not Guilty, nobody bought any of my stories, it was obvious that I was lying. All those years of acting classes were a waste of time!!

OMG An Upsetting Incident!

I am really hating football lately. The guys on the team keep picking on me now that they know who I really am. On Friday, two of the guys in the locker room were molesting me, and teasing me about how I am a gay sissy and should be the Waterboy instead. I *would* quit the team, but playing football makes me feel like a real man and it helps me cover up the fact that I am truly gay (I first found out I was gay when I fell in love with the King of Pop. You can see me hanging on him and drooling over him on the Bashir Doc.). But anyway, the guys on the team made me cry with their comments, and I was so upset that I told them I would be taking them to court for Molestation, but then they locked me the locker room all alone. It was so scary because they hid all the clocks and I wasn't allowed to know the time of day. Plus, they had gone to my gym locker and stolen my porn mags and stash of vodka. I was sooo angry! When I finally managed to escape, I went crying to my Mommy. She could see that I was traumatized by the incident, and when I told her that I was not allowed to know the time of day, she had a memory lapse and remembered the time we were forced to stay at Neverland against our will and all the 100ft tall clocks were missing. =( She started freaking out and panicking. She threw herself on the floor and began calling my teammates "The Devil", and she was flailing her arms in the air, gasping for breath, and eventually went into convulsions. It was so scary, I started to panic myself so I went and got my 450-pound brother, Star, to help. I had him sit on Momma's stomach and she finally began to breathe again after the wind was forced back into her trachea. Oh my God it was just the worst day ever. I am taking those b*stard teammates of mine to court...(note to self: Acting Class on Tuesday...must practice and prepare for my testilying).

Sunday, November 20, 2005

You Stupid Fool...

I was listening to Michael’s music the other day, reminiscing, and thinking about everything I’ve missed out on since I falsely accused him of molesting me, and he was found Not Guilty, so I wrote a poem…it’s about that loser Tom from Santa Barbara…and my crazy mommy…and me.

Here goes…

Tom Sneddon, you stupid old fool
I won’t get rich now,
and it’s all because of you.
I told you, dummy
all we wanted was money,
but you went and charged the King of Pop
‘cause your ego’s so damn huge
and you promised you wouldn’t lose
and you thought that you were smart
but all you are is a dumb old fart
who we should’ve never listened to,
but my mommy went real crazy,
and because she’s fat and lazy,
and wants a hot air balloon,
she made me take the stand and lie
after she gave me all those lines to memorize,
and pretend that I’d been molested
but none of it was true.
I wish I could go back in time
I’d tell you where to go,
‘cause you’re so damn thick you make me sick,
and now I’ll never be rich,
and it’s all because of you,
Tom Sneddon, you stupid fool.

Once upon a time...

They’re creepy and they’re nutty, the Arvizo-Jackson family!!

Once upon a time in California lived a family who said they were poor, but weren’t really, that was just the excuse they used to con people.....Oops, hang on, that’s my family, the Arvizo-Jackson’s. Me (Anton, also known as Gavin), my brother (Daniel, also known as Star), my sister (Davellin), and my mommy (Janet-Ventura-Arvizo-Jackson). I have another brother, but he’s just a baby, too small to con people, but we’ll teach him when he’s older.


We con celebrities and take their money, falsely accuse people of whatever we can think of, accuse one another of abuse, and steal from department stores and then sue them.

Here’s some things we’ve done together as a family:

One day, me, my not-so-little brother, my mommy and my daddy went to JCPenney’s. My brother and I decided to steal some clothes. I don’t know where my mommy and daddy were, I can’t remember, I was only around 8 at the time. When we took the clothes out of the store, without having paid for them, the security guards came after us. My mommy then appeared, and like a crazy woman, she started to hit the security guards. Then my mommy was taken to the police department across the road, where she was booked and asked if she needed medical treatment, and she said she didn’t. Later, we sued JCPenney’s, and my mommy, my daddy, me and my brother said that in the middle of the day, in a public place, JCPenney and Tower Records security guards beat my mommy, bellyflopped on her, punched her, and scratched her, and they beat us, too. A few years after that, my mommy decided to add on that she was molested by the security guards. She said the guards touched, twisted, pinched, and pulled out of her blouse, her breasts, and touched her vagina. She thinks of everything my mommy, she’s such a liar. The civil (money) lawyers we had for this case, didn't believe her, but they had to include her lies in the lawsuit because that’s their job. Eventually, JCPenney’s gave us some money, probably to make us go away, because we’re so annoying, and it doesn’t take long for people to hate us; and my mommy got new breasts with her money. Now she looks weirder than before!!

Then there was the time when I accused my mommy of abusing me, but I later changed my story, and said she didn’t abuse me. I can never make up my mind!!

Then another time I accused my real daddy of beating me. My brother and sister accused him of beating them, too. And my mommy accused him of beating her. But we all later changed our stories, and we said he didn’t beat us. But, later again, we said he did beat us. We’re all such bad liars!!

And once, me and my real daddy accused comedian George Lopez of stealing $300 from my wallet. You see, I was at George Lopez’s house one day, and when I left, I (accidentally-on-purpose) forgot my wallet. He called my daddy to let him know that he found my wallet, and when my daddy got my wallet, he accused George Lopez of stealing $300 from it. George Lopez said that there wasn’t $300 in it, but my daddy said there was. So my daddy got into a big argument with another man, Jamie Masada (he always gives my mommy and me money, and introduces us to the celebrities that we con, he's a strange little man), who introduced us to George Lopez, and my daddy demanded $300, and even though I knew there wasn’t $300 in the wallet, I never told the truth. Jeez, lying feels so good!!

And, of course, me, my brother, my sister, and my mommy falsely accused Michael Jackson of molestation and conspiracy. If only we’d done a better job at studying our lines!!

I am so proud to announce...

I just *had* to make this update to tell you all the good and exciting news! My wonderful mother, Janet Jackson (as she INSISTS to be called) has just been rewarded with the Mother of the Year award! I am soo so proud of my mother. She deserves this more than ANYONE. She works so hard. She is honest, caring, warm, sane, and beautiful. This woman even goes the distance and waxes her body---oops, I mean legs...before it's Star's Feeding Time, so that he doesn't get any hairs in his food! *sniffle* This is a woman who has worked SO hard to make a living all of her life. She has earned every dollar that she has conned---I mean worked for. When I first became ill with cancer, she was nice enough to gather the money she had stolen I mean saved up, to ship me off in our Family Hot Air Balloon to go see my idol, MJ. Yeah, we had to use the Balloon because our passports seemed to be misplaced........but anyway, I am just soo proud to announce this news, and I am sure my mother will place the award on our mantle next to the clocks she confiscated from Neverland. :)

Anton's Eleventh Commandment...

Thou Shalt Use, Abuse and Falsely Accuse.

Use, Anyone.
Abuse, Everyone.
Falsely Accuse, Always!!

Whenever I can find someone to use, abuse and falsely accuse, I make it my mission to pester them. I continually call them, show them the scars I have from when I had cancer, and tell them that I’m poor (even though I’m not really poor), until they feel sorry for me, buy gifts for me, give me money, take me on vacations, let me move into their home, feed me, and become my surrogate parent/s (because my real parents are deadbeats). But when they realize that I’m a troublemaking liar, and they stop giving me what I want, I think up something real good to falsely accuse them of; because I want their money. Sometimes it takes months, like it did with Michael Jackson; but I thought of a good one, didn’t I??.....molestation!! But, alas, I didn’t think of it on my own. I had help from my mommy, Janet-Ventura-Arvizo-Jackson, a professional con-artist, who took me to that greedy man I thought would make all my and my family’s money dreams come true, civil (money) lawyer, Larry Feldman; he wanted Michael's money too. He sent me to a psycho psychologist, and then sent me to see some pigs down in Santa Barbara. I told the psycho psychologist a totally different story than what I told the pigs in Santa Barbara, but the pigs didn't care, because I once had cancer, and they don't like Michael, so we made a good team, and that’s why I called them all by their first names. Too bad I lost though, and Michael was found Not Guilty. Now I’ll have to find someone else to falsely accuse, someone with as much or more money than Michael. Anyway, must go, people to con, shops to rob, celebrities to call...

Daddy Michael's Fans Are Mean.

Dear friends,

As you all know, "Daddy's" fans have been hating on me all day. I can't wait till mom comes home from robbing the nearest liquor store, so I can cry on her lap. I've done that a couple of times after my Daddy was vindicated from all molestation charges, though I must admit, resting my head on her lap is really uncomfortable for me. Even though she wears jeans, her hairs still manage to stand sharply on end. Not to mention in other areas...I love my ladies clean, but since I don't get the opportunity to see any of them hot chicks at my school fully naked, I make sure to find pleasure in various porn sites. I shall post the links later on, for all of you to enjoy.

-Anton J.

A moment of silence for my space website...

As I told you earlier, mean MJ fans have been harrassing me and I had to close my space website, which I created with so much love. As you see above it was a nice place. It was my webspace...

"it seems to me, you lived your life like a candle in the wind..."

Elton John...

Inspired by a visitor...

I've decided to take a walk into memory lane and read my own words. So dear fans, very soon you will be able to read the court transcripts, both my direct examination by the prosecution and my crossed-examination by the defense...stay tuned, here is a preview of what you will find out:

My brother Daniel and I tried to get another boy to masturbate. And that I am a a thief; I stole items from JCPenny, and from Neverland. And my family used my cancer, and their non-existent poverty and medical bills, to con celebrities out of money and gifts. And how I like to call men I hardly know "daddy". And how I frequent porn sites, but pretend to not know how to use a computer; and my password guess what it was **sexy** blushes! I am such a dork!

Official court transcripts coming soon...

We have a visitor...

Dear Fans of moi,

I want to highlight this comment from someone, I found it fascinating...:

Get a life said...
Maybe he didn't want to put this man in jail because he loved him even though he was molested, so he would get justice, without hurting him

11:09 AM

Civil Attorneys do not get you justice they get you rich...just ask Larry Feldman

My godfather Larry Feldman...

I have great love and respect for Larry Feldman. Mr. Feldman (also happens to be the same civil lawyer who made another boy rich in 1993) was the 2nd civil attorney I ran to, once I realized (cooked up) the fact I was molested. The next words are words that came from Mr. Feldman's mouth during the trial, while he was crossed-examined by Michael Jackson's (no relation to me) defense attorney...

Q: Tom Mesereau
A: Larry Feldman

Q. Isn’t it true that a judgment of conviction in a criminal case for anything related to child molestation could be dispositive in a parallel civil suit alleged for the same facts?

A. As long as it’s a felony conviction, that’s right.

Q. In other words, if Mr. Jackson were convicted of felony child molestation in this case, either Gavin Arvizo or Star Arvizo could use that conviction to essentially win a civil case regarding similar alleged facts against Mr. Jackson?

A. That’s correct.


Q. And one of the reasons for that is that the burden of proof in a criminal case is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof in a civil case is preponderance of the evidence, and if you have proof beyond a reasonable doubt, you automatically have proof by a preponderance of the evidence, as you would need to have it in civil court, true?

A. That’s the theory.

Q. Well, that’s correct, right?

A. Yeah, that’s the theory behind it.


Q. Sir, did you tell a grand jury in Santa Barbara County that you had incurred tremendous costs of expenses during your lawsuit against Mr. Jackson in 1993?

A. I did. And it was true.


Q. In other words, if you could avoid the liability phase of a civil case, you wouldn’t save some time in legal fees?

A. Of course you would save some time, and you would save some money...

ps. Larry is on your right and on your left is my other godfather Tom Sneddon, more on him later...

Lunatic MJ fans harrassing me!

A plead for privacy. My name is Anton Jackson (aka Gavin Arvizo the teenager who falsely accused Michael Jackson) The last two days have been a nightmare. I had to erase "my space website" the one I made with so much care, the one where you could see all of my pictures and friends. I did that myself. According to Diane Dimond who is a distant friend; my family and I are under protective custody, well, I guess I should've thought of that before making a website about me and posting pictures of me. However, I can't help it, I am an egomaniac. I simply wish the fans to stop harrassing me! One them said to me..."when the media stops harrassing Michael Jackson because of you, the fans will stop harrassing you..." and I said "The media will think you're lunatics for bothering me, they're on my side! And then they said..."The media already thinks we're lunatics, ask me if I care!"
I guess this will never end. Stay tuned...


I browsed their websites and this is what one fan said...OMG THEY'RE SO CRAZY! I am afraid!

"Anton "I-let-Michael-Jackson-molest-me-again-and-again" Jackson and Daniel "I-watched-silently-as-Michael-Jackson-molested-my-brother-again-and-again" Jackson"

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I almost killed a mockingbird...

I almost killed a mockingbird...and I still manage to sleep at night.

Welcome to my page

I am 16 years old. I go to Los Alamitos High School, I am a football player. I am honest, and I've never told a lie. Well, except for falsely accusing Michael Jackson of molesting me, I am a pretty decent guy. Yes, that's me number 37, and those are my teammates, I am you know the Latino one (the short one) Don't be fool by the name Anton, I am Latino for life. My real name is Gavin Anton Arvizo and I love to live a lie. Stay tuned for more...

To Kill a Mockingbird

Hola my friends!

Today I just finished reading this novel called To Kill a Mockingbird and I've been inspired my friends. I've been inspired. I was so taken by this wonderful piece of work that I researched on it. The author of that book wasn't able to write another book after To Kill a Mockingbird! WOW! Anyway, the story is about a black man who is falsely accused of raping a white woman, I of course seriously identified with the woman. The character of the woman who falsely accused the black man of rape was breath taking. I couldn't believe she could get away with such injustice, but then again, I almost did.

The real me

Last night I had this wild dream that maybe - I could make some money by selling the story about the real me to my school magazine. Though - I thought back and maybe it's not a good idea after all. They will tease me again, they will laugh at me, belittle me, and I will sit in my bed late at night again and cry, because they tease me PLUS my ass got kicked out of Neverland, and I can't get back in, and nobody will at least pity me. Pity me for having lost the opportunity to go shopping with Mike's credit card and all. That was so much fun. I'm such a poor guy. Even those people on that jury didn't pity me. Life just ain't fair. They could have at least - ah well. But when I'm done with my Economy Studies I'll be da boss, imma tellin' you. Money all over the place, all mine.

Thanksgiving Wishes

I want to wish everybody a good thanksgivings! I can't wait to sit around the table with my lovely honest family. My brother Star will eat the whole turkey though! That fat ass, I love him though! We're a team, we eat together, play together and lie together.

ps. that's not my kidney in the bag! LMAO

The Jacksons' New Company (not them, us!)

It is my dream to have a hot air balloon in every home in America. My dreams are coming true! I want to tell all the youth out there, the American dream is a reality. I am living it.

Breaking News...

Dear Fans,

Well, I have some special news our civil attorney Larry Feldman has helped us start our own business of hot hair balloons! I love Larry, he is so greedy! I want to be just like him. Stay tuned for my mother's full body wax cosmetic products coming soon to a store near you.

ps. The one in the picture is my lovely mother that photo was taken when she was arrested during what would become our 1st "sham case.." JC PENNY! OMG that photo brings me memories.

Jackson vs. Jackson

Hello friends...

Isn't it ironic that I falsely accused Michael Jackson of molesting me and when I wanted to be anonymous I took my stepfather's last name which happens to be Jackson. Wow, what a coincidence...

I love football!

What's up fans! How are you? Do you want to see me in action? I love playing football, look at my moves. Sometimes I am so fast, I feel like I may fly off in a hot air balloon.
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