Thursday, November 24, 2005


Is that you Diane Dimond?....or another halfwit defending con-artists?

All that talk about moral, ethical people had my head spinning. MORALS? ETHICS? You want to talk about MORALS and ETHICS?....Talk to the Jackson-Arvizos, who tried to imprison an innocent man so they could automatically pocket millions; with the help of that greedy liar, civil (money) lawyer Larry Feldman.

The idea that Michael Jackson would wait three years to molest Anton-Gavin, and within a period of less than three weeks, molest him while DCFS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE MEDIA were closely watching, and investigating him, is ridiculous, and all you pseudo-experts out there know it's ridiculous (including you, Diane), but you just don't want to admit it out loud. Nor do you want to admit that Anton-Gavin not only could not give a clear or consistent answer to anything, and that Mad Dog Tom Sneddon changed the dates of when the non-existent molestation happened, but also, Michael was hardly at Neverland during that period, and Anton-Gavin and his brother did not sleep in Michael's room, they slept in a guesthouse where they watched porn and tried to get another boy to masturbate, while their sister, in another guesthouse, enjoyed herself Monica Lewinsky style.

Wake Up, supporters of losers, or the Jackson-Arvizos will falsely accuse you, too!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as a fan of michel jackson, just wanted to say dat u're doing a good job, i'm not sure if mj wld approve, coz he's so nice n stuff, but alot of us fans love this -funny as hell too!
keep on rockin baby!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nefarious: ooooh, i luv MJ, i want him to do the same to me!!!! it would be so funny if it happened to me too!

6:44 PM  

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