Sunday, November 20, 2005

Anton's Eleventh Commandment...

Thou Shalt Use, Abuse and Falsely Accuse.

Use, Anyone.
Abuse, Everyone.
Falsely Accuse, Always!!

Whenever I can find someone to use, abuse and falsely accuse, I make it my mission to pester them. I continually call them, show them the scars I have from when I had cancer, and tell them that I’m poor (even though I’m not really poor), until they feel sorry for me, buy gifts for me, give me money, take me on vacations, let me move into their home, feed me, and become my surrogate parent/s (because my real parents are deadbeats). But when they realize that I’m a troublemaking liar, and they stop giving me what I want, I think up something real good to falsely accuse them of; because I want their money. Sometimes it takes months, like it did with Michael Jackson; but I thought of a good one, didn’t I??.....molestation!! But, alas, I didn’t think of it on my own. I had help from my mommy, Janet-Ventura-Arvizo-Jackson, a professional con-artist, who took me to that greedy man I thought would make all my and my family’s money dreams come true, civil (money) lawyer, Larry Feldman; he wanted Michael's money too. He sent me to a psycho psychologist, and then sent me to see some pigs down in Santa Barbara. I told the psycho psychologist a totally different story than what I told the pigs in Santa Barbara, but the pigs didn't care, because I once had cancer, and they don't like Michael, so we made a good team, and that’s why I called them all by their first names. Too bad I lost though, and Michael was found Not Guilty. Now I’ll have to find someone else to falsely accuse, someone with as much or more money than Michael. Anyway, must go, people to con, shops to rob, celebrities to call...


Blogger Anti-Jacko Crowd said...

"Falsely" accuse? Has that ever been proven to be false, or was there just a lack of evidence?

Ask those jurors if Michael may have molested in the past, OK? They might have some interesting takes on that.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the same TWO jurors who had book deals if only they said that Michael was guilty?The same TWO jurors who would supposedly be the authors of the books but the books were already written and all they had to do was to provide some little details from the jurors room so their story would be beliaveble? And finally the same TWO jurors who didn't have any proof that MJ was guilty so they were cought plagiarising tabloid lies thats why their books were never pubblished? The same TWO jurors who were accused from the other jury members for lying and being greedy??

5:33 PM  

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