Sunday, November 20, 2005

Inspired by a visitor...

I've decided to take a walk into memory lane and read my own words. So dear fans, very soon you will be able to read the court transcripts, both my direct examination by the prosecution and my crossed-examination by the defense...stay tuned, here is a preview of what you will find out:

My brother Daniel and I tried to get another boy to masturbate. And that I am a a thief; I stole items from JCPenny, and from Neverland. And my family used my cancer, and their non-existent poverty and medical bills, to con celebrities out of money and gifts. And how I like to call men I hardly know "daddy". And how I frequent porn sites, but pretend to not know how to use a computer; and my password guess what it was **sexy** blushes! I am such a dork!

Official court transcripts coming soon...


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