Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Lowdown

The following entry is the lowdown on my family.

After Star stole my plate of Thanksgiving dinner last week, I've been really angry at my family, so I feel like exposing them. I am about to tell you who these people really are. Here is a glimpse into the face of Liars, Grifters, and Psychopaths. First I'll start with my mother. My momma was born a demon spawn, by my grandparents Thomas Sneddon Sr. and Gloria Allwrong the 1st. Every now and then, my mother goes insane. She changes personalities. Yes, that's right, she is Bi-Polar. One of Mother's personalities is Janet #1: The fake, sweet, convincing, naive, personable individual. She is the one who came about when she tried to con a car off of Azja Pryor. Personality #2 is the escaped Psych-Ward patient who claims that everybody is 'The Devil', that people are out to get her, and that she is being held captive. Janet #3 surfaces in places like Court Rooms or during Depositions. This Identity likes to make up false claims and overexaggerate and go completely overboard with stories. You may remember the story about the Hot Air Balloon, The body...I mean leg wax, German Killers, the sudden disappearance of clocks, and hidden telescopes appearing in their places. This b1tch truly is screwed up. And it's sad to think that this kind of scum gave birth to me, let alone my big fat obese brother. Star is hungry 24/7, and will go to any length to steal food. You may remember hearing about him stealing candybars from the Neverland Ranch, stealing Turkey during our Thanksgiving dinner, alcohol, etc. He has really p*ssed me off lately. So I'll explain who Star aka Daniel really is. When "Daniel" was born, I remember Mother stuffing him through the front door; he could hardly fit in his little carrier seat and had to be pushed through the doorway. He immediately began to crawl, at the age of 1 week, over to where I was sitting and eating some chips. He devoured my snack like it was the end of the world. He gained 100 pounds that day. From time to time, Daniel also thinks he sees things that aren't really there, from areas that aren't possible to see them from. For instance, when we were at Neverland having simple innocent fun, he zoned out and thought he was seeing Michael Jackson molesting me in his bed from where he was standing in the hall. When in reality, Michael was actually beating me with a club because he had just caught me sneaking into his hetero porn collection. When I realized it was women in the mag, I gasped and eased away....women not being my thing and all. But yeah, Daniel truly takes after my Psychotic mother. My sister Davellin is no angel, either. She certainly doesn't escape the inheritance of stupidity and Bi-Polar tendencies. She likes to play it sweet & innocent in front of other people, but behind the scenes she likes to sleep with chefs, get pregnant, and claim the baby is actually Mother's baby/her brother. She also likes to lie about molestation like I do. She said our real Dad abused and molested her, when in reality, he was just trying to sell her back to the Circus Freak Show where she was conceived. I shake my head in shame when I realize that poor little Jett may have inherited some of our pathetic ways, and I hope that he does not try to suck up all the attention and be in the spotlight when he grows older, because I will become jealous and have to blame him for molesting me, too. (That's what I learned to do when I am jealous or angry; pin claims of molestation on innocent people.) God please save my family from burning this Earth to the ground.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why so angry bookworm? So much anger and resentment about the kid's family and friends....maybe your reflecting from you own screwed up feelings about your family/mother/boyfriend....just a thought.

Why pick on Star? Are you projecting your own feelings about how you feel when you pig out on junk food? Hmmmm....

Keep being evil to others, cuz it will come right back at YOU!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Anton Jackson said...

"Keep being evil to others, cuz it will come right back at YOU!"

Maybe that's why this blog exist, cause it is all coming back to the Big Brother is watching.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Who said...

Hey motherfucker -

Get a LIFE, dude! You are a pathologi9cal LIAR!

You did this shit to yourself!

Go an fuck yourself!

And oh yes, MJ never cared about your sorry ass once you lied to him. He is living it up in Bahrain with his three BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, and HUMAN children!

You are ugly, GAY, shit, and pathetic and you can go to hell. You look like the devil his damn self.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous blameitonkarma said...


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