Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lunatic MJ fans harrassing me!

A plead for privacy. My name is Anton Jackson (aka Gavin Arvizo the teenager who falsely accused Michael Jackson) The last two days have been a nightmare. I had to erase "my space website" the one I made with so much care, the one where you could see all of my pictures and friends. I did that myself. According to Diane Dimond who is a distant friend; my family and I are under protective custody, well, I guess I should've thought of that before making a website about me and posting pictures of me. However, I can't help it, I am an egomaniac. I simply wish the fans to stop harrassing me! One them said to me..."when the media stops harrassing Michael Jackson because of you, the fans will stop harrassing you..." and I said "The media will think you're lunatics for bothering me, they're on my side! And then they said..."The media already thinks we're lunatics, ask me if I care!"
I guess this will never end. Stay tuned...


I browsed their websites and this is what one fan said...OMG THEY'RE SO CRAZY! I am afraid!

"Anton "I-let-Michael-Jackson-molest-me-again-and-again" Jackson and Daniel "I-watched-silently-as-Michael-Jackson-molested-my-brother-again-and-again" Jackson"


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