Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nasty boys

A person named afbratcat sent me this little message:

Gavin is a military dependent now, and his rights are protected by the United States Military. Your 'blog' is a gross violation of a minor child's right to privacy. Please keep the blog up as long as possible as it shows that you, do indeed, stalk and harrass anyone who says anything negative about Michael Jackson. Your blog is proof of this harrassment and stalking. Not only have you broken the law but you have the proof out there for all to see! Good move! I'm sure the American people love how you're treating a child whose step-father is currently serving in Iraq. Yes, let's all promote your nasty little blog! Let the world see what nice, moral, ethical people Michael Jackson fans are. Let's show America what you think of our brave soldiers in Iraq and how you treat members of their family while they're gone. Hey, Req, will Michael get Oxman to defend you when the military comes knocking on your door? Did you know that some people think your blog is a subtle incitement for people to harm this child? Better go check and see how illegal that one is! I bet Michael appreciates all the negative publicity that your blog has generated so far. Just what he needs along with that nasty Jew comment that's recently surfaced.

PS honey, the AF in my name stands for Air Force so I know what I'm talking about when I mention military...

My response: Gavin/Anton didn't think of his own privacy when he made a website and posted pictures of himself and friends...very smart, right? Hmmm I think there is something even nastier than a blog about a con artist, FALSELY ACCUSING SOMEONE OF A CRIME, now that's f-ging nasty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that idiot know that JaNUT is stealing from the troops when she committed WELFARE FRAUD!!!

Does this idiot also realize that this Military Dependant LIFE WAS DEPENDANT on Michael Jackson's Money.

I guess this moron didn't pay attention to that he was thinking with the mind of a conservative homophobic support our Military brats brain he has or lack thereof. It is Freedom of Speech whether Yankee Doodle Dandy Boy Likes it or not.

Oh and it is your precious ARMY BRAT that posted the pics endangering HIS OWN safety MORON. I thought Bush's IQ was the biggest threat to our country.

6:12 PM  

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