Sunday, November 20, 2005

Once upon a time...

They’re creepy and they’re nutty, the Arvizo-Jackson family!!

Once upon a time in California lived a family who said they were poor, but weren’t really, that was just the excuse they used to con people.....Oops, hang on, that’s my family, the Arvizo-Jackson’s. Me (Anton, also known as Gavin), my brother (Daniel, also known as Star), my sister (Davellin), and my mommy (Janet-Ventura-Arvizo-Jackson). I have another brother, but he’s just a baby, too small to con people, but we’ll teach him when he’s older.


We con celebrities and take their money, falsely accuse people of whatever we can think of, accuse one another of abuse, and steal from department stores and then sue them.

Here’s some things we’ve done together as a family:

One day, me, my not-so-little brother, my mommy and my daddy went to JCPenney’s. My brother and I decided to steal some clothes. I don’t know where my mommy and daddy were, I can’t remember, I was only around 8 at the time. When we took the clothes out of the store, without having paid for them, the security guards came after us. My mommy then appeared, and like a crazy woman, she started to hit the security guards. Then my mommy was taken to the police department across the road, where she was booked and asked if she needed medical treatment, and she said she didn’t. Later, we sued JCPenney’s, and my mommy, my daddy, me and my brother said that in the middle of the day, in a public place, JCPenney and Tower Records security guards beat my mommy, bellyflopped on her, punched her, and scratched her, and they beat us, too. A few years after that, my mommy decided to add on that she was molested by the security guards. She said the guards touched, twisted, pinched, and pulled out of her blouse, her breasts, and touched her vagina. She thinks of everything my mommy, she’s such a liar. The civil (money) lawyers we had for this case, didn't believe her, but they had to include her lies in the lawsuit because that’s their job. Eventually, JCPenney’s gave us some money, probably to make us go away, because we’re so annoying, and it doesn’t take long for people to hate us; and my mommy got new breasts with her money. Now she looks weirder than before!!

Then there was the time when I accused my mommy of abusing me, but I later changed my story, and said she didn’t abuse me. I can never make up my mind!!

Then another time I accused my real daddy of beating me. My brother and sister accused him of beating them, too. And my mommy accused him of beating her. But we all later changed our stories, and we said he didn’t beat us. But, later again, we said he did beat us. We’re all such bad liars!!

And once, me and my real daddy accused comedian George Lopez of stealing $300 from my wallet. You see, I was at George Lopez’s house one day, and when I left, I (accidentally-on-purpose) forgot my wallet. He called my daddy to let him know that he found my wallet, and when my daddy got my wallet, he accused George Lopez of stealing $300 from it. George Lopez said that there wasn’t $300 in it, but my daddy said there was. So my daddy got into a big argument with another man, Jamie Masada (he always gives my mommy and me money, and introduces us to the celebrities that we con, he's a strange little man), who introduced us to George Lopez, and my daddy demanded $300, and even though I knew there wasn’t $300 in the wallet, I never told the truth. Jeez, lying feels so good!!

And, of course, me, my brother, my sister, and my mommy falsely accused Michael Jackson of molestation and conspiracy. If only we’d done a better job at studying our lines!!


Blogger Anton Jackson said...

That's the best biography of myself, I've ever read!

4:37 PM  
Blogger Lampshade777 said...

This is shocking material it really is!!!!

4:49 PM  
Blogger Truthis2 said...

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7:02 PM  
Blogger Truthis2 said...

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7:02 PM  
Blogger Truthis2 said...

Let us not forget how my Mommy told the good welfare officials that she had no money and that she had no way of getting money even though she had thousands in a bank account. That is called fraud Mommy is in trouble for that now.

Our how my Mommy told a wonderful newspaper editor that we had no money to pay for my cancer treatments and asked the nice lady to write a story about us so people could send money. And, that when people sent money some of it went missing. Where did it go? Who knows but not to my medical bills my real Daddy's health insurance paid for everything.

And, the thing I am most proud of was how we told the very gullible Santa Barbara District Attorney Michael Jackson held us against our will at his home and at a luxury hotel. Never mind the fact that we left his home at least three times a few times in Mr. Jackson's limo. And, that while we were at the hotel Mommy talked to my new Daddy on the phone all of the time and never told him that we were being held against our will. Also while at the hotel Mommy took us shopping and she got a body wax (she says it was just a leg wax but she is a liar). We spent thousands of Mr. Jackson's money and lived like kings while being held against our will. Everyone should be held against there will at least once in there life.

7:44 PM  
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