Saturday, November 19, 2005

The real me

Last night I had this wild dream that maybe - I could make some money by selling the story about the real me to my school magazine. Though - I thought back and maybe it's not a good idea after all. They will tease me again, they will laugh at me, belittle me, and I will sit in my bed late at night again and cry, because they tease me PLUS my ass got kicked out of Neverland, and I can't get back in, and nobody will at least pity me. Pity me for having lost the opportunity to go shopping with Mike's credit card and all. That was so much fun. I'm such a poor guy. Even those people on that jury didn't pity me. Life just ain't fair. They could have at least - ah well. But when I'm done with my Economy Studies I'll be da boss, imma tellin' you. Money all over the place, all mine.


Blogger Anti-Jacko Crowd said...

Credit card shopping cost the cardholder less than $23 million, I'm sure. A much better investment than the one in 1993...

10:53 AM  

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