Friday, November 25, 2005

thanx a lot afbratcat , ur amazing!

yeah i am a military dependant so my rights ARE protected. but does it mean im more protected than others? ha ha...who shall i accuse next, then? Sooooo good of my new daddy to be fighting in a 'war'! it's not all yucky like the vietnam one...u know, an actual war?

so many people were suprised that i was the kid who accused doo doo....maybe b/c im bigger and stronger than him or b/c im just too hot to trot and have more fun w/ daniel than w/ anyone else. yo mike, u gotta stop putting child lock on the porn...u know, for future guests or whatever.

so, um....if anyone wants to make a donation, just call my sister. her number is on bathrooms all across the great state of Cali. danny boy ate all the stuffing so we're gonna need more.

gotta go pray now....


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