Sunday, November 20, 2005

We have a visitor...

Dear Fans of moi,

I want to highlight this comment from someone, I found it fascinating...:

Get a life said...
Maybe he didn't want to put this man in jail because he loved him even though he was molested, so he would get justice, without hurting him

11:09 AM

Civil Attorneys do not get you justice they get you rich...just ask Larry Feldman


Blogger Lampshade777 said...

LMAO Civil Attourneys are bastards, you dont go there you to the cops if youer ass has been touched sexually or in any other way...

Lets not forget that Stat 'Daniel' Jackson had his nuts grabbed the day they all first went to Neverland but somehow that allegation got 'lost' amongst the sham that was the case. Oh and they went with 'Anton' Jackson for the sympathy vote

5:07 PM  
Blogger Haku said...

LMAO @ at the comment

I think Miss 'Get a life' should get a life

6:14 AM  

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