Monday, November 21, 2005

Who I Really Am....

I wanna thank Maria for defending me. It's not easy creating a double-life but Daniel and I have done it. All we need now is more support for our cause. Look, it's hard being me. I'm cool. I'm hot. And I have a lot of stuff to remember. Gavin or Anton....Jackson or Arvizo....Mom or Cybill...David or Jay....Who Jett's mother really is....

We bulked up and are now star members of the LosAl football team! gooooooooooo 37! Really an amazing feat but luckily, uncle Jaimie found me some bluuuuud and kidney or else I'd still be mooching off of celebs.

Like I said before, it's hard being this hot and sizling....You can look but don't touch. I prefer to do that on my own....with a little help from Twinkle....late!


Blogger scalesofjustice said...

It's so tough being a victim of child molestation. Especially when no one molested you and you're living a big fat lie. So, to make the lie a reality, Anton, aka Gavin "i wish Michael Jackson really had molested me, cuz damn I loved putting my head on his shoulder", Arvizo, decided to adopt his fantasy molester's last name! Tada! Well, if that doesn't make the pain of molestation go away, I don't know what will!

8:21 PM  
Blogger Gooner said...

I feel your pain dont deserve this, just because you have been less than honest in the past it doesnt mean you dont deserve a 2nd errrrrr 3rd no wait 4.......ahhhhh sod it you run out of last chances.

11:07 AM  

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