Saturday, December 31, 2005

Let's reflect back to 2005!

Well since the year is coming to an end, and everyone from entertainment venues to news media outlets are having a countdown to a Best of to reflect on the Year. let's reflect on the Arvizos' rip offs and the REAL reason why The DA's case went up in Smoke! Hey Janet, remember Connie Freeman? She was the editor of the Mid Valley news that YOU contacted five times in 2000 about running a story to raise money and attention to poor dying Gavin to pay insurance for his medical bills when IN FACT his medical bills were covered by DAVID ARVIZO's insurance! You know what Janet; we came to find out that the hospital where Anton was treated for cancer; the expenses were actually free. Hey, Janet do you remember the Thanksgiving when Connie Freeman delivered to you the turkey and you turned it down for money?

Oh and speaking of INSURANCE that same insurance covered Anton when you staged that fund raiser at the Laugh Factory where comics including Louise Palanker were under the impression you had no money to pay for expenses! Remember that! Oh how can we forget!Talk about scripted hmm if you were so forced to do that rebuttal film how come even your friend Diane Dimond commented on how heavily made up you were. How you even tried to take over and direct. Let's remember your words correctly. "Hey you see I am holding his hand GET THAT!" Even Jay Leno stopped your calls that YOU YOURSELF coached Gavin to praise a late night comedian that tells ADULT jokes that are way past his bedtime oh and I mention he said it was "scripted". Oh how about your act with the German accent. Wonderful actress Jan wonderful! Oh don't forget Christian Robinson, you told him that you WANTED to be in the video. In fact he told jurors that you were ADAMANT about being in the video!

Your act surely didn't sway DCF and LAPD since they didn't go after the charges. Oh yeah speaking of social workers, do you remember Mercy Dee Manrriquez? To refresh your memory she is the social worker that testified that YOU after 10 days receiving $151,000 from JC Penny, (which YOU coached the kids to lie about) you didn't mention that when you applied for both welfare and food stamps! Hmmm very interesting!

You knew that if you would have added that payment you wouldn't have any benefits. Is that why in November of 2001 you signed those forms omitting that information about insurance and the PAYOLA from JC Penney. Is that why you pleaded the 5th during the trial? Same reason why YOU are now facing charges?
Remember Azja? Sure you do. You got Davellin to call her over and over about a car which YOU claimed you didn't have when in fact you did. The same Azja that you told that you were horrified about the documentary and that YOU OFFERED to be in the rebuttal film.

Gavin do you remember when you said Michael told you boys had to masturbate or they go crazy? When in fact it was your granny that told you that? Oh Gavin do YOU remember Irene Peters? Let me refresh your memory. She was the SOCIAL WORKER that YOU and your family met after the Bashir documentary in February of 2003. She asked you straight out were you EVER sexually abused my Michael Jackson and she told jurors under oath that YOU got upset and said "Everybody thinks Michael Jackson sexually abused me. He NEVER touched me."

In fact, Janet she interviewed you separately no killers around. Janet, you told her that Michael was responsible for helping your son with the cancer. You told her that Michael was a father figure to your kids. Remember Gavin "Daddy Michael" who paid for your operation that SAVED YOUR LIFE? No more cancer? Oh Gavin lets mention Dean Alpert. Yeah the teacher you told twice that nothing EVER happened. Oh and the kidnapping hmm let's remember what YOU told the jurors. “I liked being at Neverland it's like Disneyland". Oh Gavin was Alpert one of the teachers you argued with? You did admit that on the stand!

Let's mention the HORRIBLE KIDNAPPING. Janet you remember Kathryn Bernard? She was the Neverland assistant that you were praising Michael so much during your shopping visit too. How YOU Janet became upset because the KILLERS were keeping YOU and your CON ARTIST family away from Michael in early March without him knowing in 03. You must have felt the same rejection Anton felt when Michael wised up and cut you off.

How about the alleged kidnapping Janet? Oh yeah the same one where you RETURNED to Neverland and during your CAPTIVITY in which you were treated to a waxing. Let's go there Hairy Mary! *Warning you might want to hide in the bushes for this one*. Carole McCoy should be very vivid in your memory. Carole is the spa owner that told the jury that you didn't have no camera crew with you, which YOU CLAIMED followed you to the appointment. In fact Fuby you got a Brow, Lip, Face, Leg, and Bikini wax that came up to $140.00. What DA in their right mind would have even brought this to trial with all of these scams so close together? What an embarrassment to the judicial system!

Thanks to Cookies and Cream for the lovely review!


Friday, December 30, 2005

Testimony exposing the Arvizos...

Rijo Jackson, the then 10 year old...
re: Anton and Daniel (aka Gavin and Star) - “I saw them go to the T.V. and turn to a channel that had, like, naked girls on there, and doing other stuff, like nasty stuff. They were, like, jacking off and everything. They said, “Why don’t you do that with me?” I said I didn’t want to because it was nasty, and it’s wrong.”

Dr. Seamount, orthodontist...
re: Anton (aka Gavin) - “He was undisciplined, and he started to go through my drawers with my disposables.”

Angel Vivanco, Neverland Chef...
re: Anton (aka Gavin) - “He just swore at me and -- asking for some Cheetos or saying -- “Give me the fucking Cheetos.” That’s what he said.”

re: Daniel (aka Star) - “I was serving a plate to one of the guests, and he had a knife like two -- one inch on my neck. It was nine inches. Or -- a foot long. It was a foot. He just had it holding up onto my neck. And I didn’t realize it until one of the guests yelled at Star, saying, “What are you doing?” It made me nervous.”

Kiki Fournier, former Neverland housekeeper...
Q. Do you remember Star pulling a knife on you in the kitchen.
A. Yes.
Q. Approximately when did Star pull a knife on you in the kitchen.
A. Do you mean about what month it was.
Q. Month or year, if you remember.
A. Well, it was during that time period between -- I want to say it’s, like, February. I think.
Q. And when Star pulled a knife on you in the kitchen, were you preparing food.
A. I was doing the dishes.

Q. And during those last two weeks that the Arvizos were at Neverland, what specifically did you notice about Gavin and Star’s room.
A. That it was just torn apart.
Q. They really trashed it.
A. Yeah.
Q. Please tell the jury how they trashed it, if you know.
A. I can’t say for sure what had happened, but there was things spilled. There was glasses broken. The refrigerator was a mess, too. Every unit has its own refrigerator, and it was -- it just looked like somebody had just gone in there like a tornado and -- like a whirlwind.
Q. Did you ever talk to Gavin or Star about that.
A. No, I don’t think I did.
Q. Okay.
A. Because it wasn’t my place to.
Q. Was it your responsibility simply to clean it.
A. Yes.
Q. And you said you made a complaint to somebody.
A. Yes.
Q. Who did you make a complaint to.
A. The house manager.

Azja Pryor, mother of actor Chris Tucker’s child...
re: Janet Arvizo - "If it was my guess, I would say anywhere from seven to ten times." (that’s how many times Janet Arvizo asked Azja Pryor for a car.)

re: Anton and Daniel (aka Gavin and Star) - “I don’t like to call people’s kids bad, but Gavin and Star really needed attention, I felt like. They really needed attention. You know, they would do little things, very mischievous. One time I remember us sitting down in front of Chris’s big-screen television and there was a drink on the floor. I don’t remember what it was. But Gavin, I saw him look at the glass and I saw him just kind of do his foot and kick it over and then act like it was an accident, you know, just to get that reaction out of us. Like, “Gavin,” you know, “what happened?” I think at the time they were maybe 11 or 12.”

re: Davellin -
Q. If you can estimate, how many times did Davellin ask you for a car?
A. I don’t remember. I know Davellin would leave me messages, because I wouldn’t always answer the phone. So there were numerous messages.
Q. Okay. And in those numerous messages, was Davellin requesting the car?
A. Yes.
Q. And all this was in the year 2003?
A. This was all in February.
Q. February of 2003?
A. Uh-huh.
Q. Okay. Now, did Janet tell you in February of 2003 that they had no car?
A. Yes.
Q. Did Davellin tell you in February of 2003 that they had no car?
A. Yes.

See, the Arvizos are all degenerates.

(more quotes/testimony will be added, shortly.)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Coincidence of the day!!

Larry Feldman $erved as civil attorney for both The Chandler$ and the Arvizo$.

Stan Katz $erved as psychologist for both the Chandler$ and the Arvizo$.

**Did you know in both cases the families ran to civil attorneys, Evan Chandler ran to two, and Arvizo ran to more than two. Logical action when you find out your child was molested!

**Did you know that both the Chandlers and the Arvizos obtained the same civil attorney Larry Feldman in their road to ju$tice against the man they claim molested their poor boys.

**Did you know that both the Chandlers and the Arvizos never called the police in their road to ju$tice against the man they claim molested their poor boys.

**Did you know it was a third party who called the police in both cases.

**Did you know in court it was revealed Stan Katz was to receive a percentage of any profit made by Larry Feldman in suing Michael Jackson.

1. And do you know of any families who would've ran to civil lawyers if they found out their child was molested?

2. Do you know of any families who would've never call the police if their child was molested instead called a civil lawyer?

Because the concidence of the day is that the only three families who ever accused Michael Jackson of molestation took the time to hire civil lawyers, but never took the time to call the police.

Are you a parent? Who would you run to?

Court transcripts are 100% factual

I understand for many is hard to believe Michael Jackson may have been falsely accused by the Arvizos, so they result to accusing this website of tampering with the official court transcripts. However, when I offered the Santa Barbara website which has the transcripts these accusers didn't dare go and compared the transcripts. Why? Perhaps they're afraid to find out the court transcripts are the same. The transcripts are public information and anybody can obtain them. We've obtained the transcripts from the same source, the Santa Barbara website dedicated to the Michael Jackson case. We have all the transcripts, completed. The following is a list of everything we have:

Court Transcript June 03 2005

Description: Closing Arguments Day 2. Defense (Contd), Prosecution.

Court Transcript June 02 2005

Description: Closing Arguments Day 1. Prosecution, Defense.

Court Transcript June 01 2005

Description: Jury Instructions. No witnesses called

Court Transcript May 31 2005

Description: No witnesses called. The following proceedings were held in open court outside the presence and hearing of the jury.

Court Transcript May 27 2005

Short Description: Craig Bonner (Re-called) Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Steve Robel (Re-called) Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross.

Court Transcript May 26 2005

Short Description: Gina Villegas Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Donna Aggers Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; George Erwin Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Theresa Marquez Direct, Cross; William Dickerman Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Christin

Court Transcript May 25 2005

Short Description: Chris Tucker Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Timothy Patrick Rooney Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Shane Meridith Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Jesus Salas Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Victor Alvarez Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross.

Court Transcript May 24 2005

Short Description: Jay Leno Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Sulli McCullugh Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Monica De La Santos Wakefield Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Elizabeth Mary Holzer Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Anthony Ranieri Direct; Karen

Court Transcript May 23 2005

Short Description: Maria Gomez (Re-called) Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Mike Radakovich Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Mercy Dee Manrriquez Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Marian Arvizo Direct, Cross; Connie Keenan Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross.

Court Transcript May 20 2005

Short Description: Laurence Nimmer Direct, Cross (contd), Re-direct, Re-cross; Mark Geragos (Re-called) Cross (Contd).

Court Transcript May 19 2005

Short Description: Larry King (nonjury) Direct; Michael Viner (nonjury) Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Azja Pryor Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Laurence Nimmer Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript May 18 2005

Short Description: Simone Pech Jackson Direct (Contd), Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Rijo Jackson Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Michelle Henriette Jackson Direct, Cross; Christian Robinson Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Vernee Watson Johnson Direct.

Court Transcript May 17 2005

Short Description: Angel Vivanco Direct (Contd), Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Irene Lavern Peters Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Karen Walker Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Simone Pech Jackson Direct.

Court Transcript May 16 2005

Short Description: Jean Lorraine Seamont Direct, Cross; Tiffany Haynes Direct, Cross; Carole McCoy Direct; Kathryn Bernerd Direct; Maria Gomez Direct, Cross; Shane Meridith Direct, Cross; Brian Salce Direct, Cross; Russell Robert Birchim Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cr

Court Transcript May 13 2005

Short Description: David G. Legrand Cross (Contd), Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross; Mark Geragos Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript May 12 2005

Short Description: Carlos Velasco Direct, Cross, Re-direct; David G. Legrand Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript May 11 2005

Short Description: Joseph Marcus Re-cross (contd), Further Re-direct; Macaulay Culkin Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; James F Van Norman Direct, Cross, Re-direct.

Court Transcript May 10 2005

Short Description: Joseph Marcus Direct (contd), Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross.

Court Transcript May 09 2005

Short Description: Francin Contreras Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Gayle Goforth Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Violet Silva Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Ramon Velasco Direct, Cross; Joseph Marcus Direct.

Court Transcript May 06 2005

Short Description: Joy Robson Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Chantal Robson Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross; Marie Lisbeth Barnes Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Karlee Barnes Direct, Cross, Re-direct,

Court Transcript May 05 2005

Short Description: Wade J Robson Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross; Brett Christopher Barnes Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript May 04 2005

Short Description: Rudy Provencio Direct (Contd), Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct.

Court Transcript May 03 2005

Short Description: David Saunders Direct, Cross; Jeff Klapakis (Re-called) Direct, Cross; Craig Bonner (Re-called) Direct, Cross; Paul Zelis (Re-called) Cross (Contd); Steve Robel Direct, Cross; John Duross O'Bryan, Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross

Court Transcript May 02 2005

Short Description: Beverly Wagner Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Craig Bonner (Re-called) Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Paul Zelis (Re-called) Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript April 29 2005

Short Description: Rosibel Ferrufino Smith Direct; Craig Bonner Direct, Cross; Harry Koons Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Rosibel Smith Direct, Cross; Ian Drew Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript April 28 2005

Short Description: Deborah Rowe Jackson Direct (Contd), Cross, Re-direct; Iris Joan Finsilver Direct; Andrew R Dietz Direct; Jeffrey Schwartz Direct, Cross; Crystalee Danko Direct; Jennifer Simmons Direct; Joe J Corral Jr Direct.

Court Transcript April 27 2005

Short Description: Hamid Moleshi Cross (contd), Re-direct, Re-cross, Terry Paulsen Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Gabriel Dominguez Direct, Cross; Anne Morie Sims Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Joseph Shebroe Direct, Cross; Jeanne Mulcahy Direct; Deborah Rowe Jackson Direct.

Court Transcript April 26 2005

Short Description: Cynthia Montgomery Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Jeff Klapakis Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Hamid Moleshi Direct.

Court Transcript April 25 2005

Short Description: Kassim Abdool Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Jeff Klapakis (Recalled) Direct, Cross; Craig Bonner (Recalled) Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Victor Alvarez Direct.

Court Transcript April 21 2005
Short Description: Brian Barron Cross (Contd), Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross; Stephen Cleaves Direct, Cross; Timothy Sutcliffe (Re-called) Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Timothy Rooney Direct, Cross; Steven Moeller Direct, Cross; Jeff Klapakis (Re

Court Transcript April 20 2005

Short Description: Brian Barron Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript April 19 2005
Short Description: Janet Jackson Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Victor M Alvarez Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Mario A Ventura, Direct; William F Caldwell Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Rod Forney Direct, Cross; Michael Davey Direct, Cross; Janet Williams Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript April 18 2005
Short Description: Janet Jackson Cross (Contd), Re-direct.

Court Transcript April 15 2005
Short Description: Janet Jackson Direct (Contd), Cross.
Court Transcript April 14 2005
Short Description: Janet Jackson Direct (Contd).
Court Transcript April 13 2005
Short Description: Jay D Jackson Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross; Janet Jackson Direct.

Court Transcript April 12 2005
Short Description: Jay D Jackson Direct, Cross.
Court Transcript April 11 2005
Short Description: Bob Jones Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Stacy Brown Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; June Chandler, Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Dwayne Swingler Direct, Cross, Re-direct.

Court Transcript April 08 2005
Short Description: Adrian Marie McManus (Contd) Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Phillip LeMarque Direct Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross.

Court Transcript April 07 2005
Short Description: Ralph Chacon Direct, Cross, Re-dircet, Re-cross; Adrian Marie McManus Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript April 05 2005
Short Description: Jason Francia (Contd) Direct, Cross; Kris Kallman Direct, Cross; Blanca Francia Direct, Cross, Re-dircet, Re-cross.

Court Transcript April 04 2005
Short Description: Jesus Salas (Contd) Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Jason Francia Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript April 01 2005
Short Description: Jeff Klapakis (Contd) Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Jack Green Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; Larry Feldman, Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct, Further Re-cross; Jesus Salas Direct.

Court Transcript March 30 2005
Short Description: Cynthia Ann Bell Re-direct, Re-cross, Re-direct continued; Stan J Katz Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Re-direct; William Dickerman Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Jeff Klapakis (Recalled) Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript March 29 2005
Short Description: Robert Spinner Direct (contd), Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Jamie Masada Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Cynthia Ann Bell Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript March 28 2005
Short Description: 1108 motion ruling; George Lopez Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Ann Serrano Lopez Direct, Cross, Re-direct; Robert Spinner Direct (re-called) (re-opened).

Court Transcript March 25 2005
Short Description: Timothy Sutcliffe Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Direct, Further Cross; Alicia Romero Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Nancy Diana Torres Direct, Cross; Michelle Shelley Direct, Cross, Re-direct; James Wittenbrock Direct, Cross, Re-di

Court Transcript March 24 2005
Short Description: Dr. Antonio Cantu Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Direct, Further Cross; Lisa Susan Roote Henman Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross, Further Direct, Further Cross; Charlene Marie Direct & Cross; Heriberto Martinez JR. Direct & Cross; Timo

Court Transcript March 23 2005
Short Description: Robert Charles Cooley Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross; Freddy Padilla Direct, Cross; Craig Bonner Direct, Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross Further Direct, Further Cross; Dr. Antonio Cantu Direct & Cross.

Court Transcript March 22 2005
Short Description: Louise Palanker Direct, Cross, Redirect, Re-cross & Further Redirect.

Court Transcript March 21 2005
Short Description: Conn Abel Direct & Cross; Anthony Joseph Urquizo Direct, Cross, Redirect & Recross; Lauren Wallace Direct, Cross & Redirect; Louise Palanker Direct.

Court Transcript March 18 2005
Short Description: Court proceedings were held in open court outside the presence and hearing of the jury.

Court Transcript March 17 2005
Short Description: Fritz Coleman - Direct, Cross & Redirect. Kiki Fournier - Direct & Redirect. Ruby Wolff - Direct & Redirect. Shawn O'Grady - Direct & Redirect. Jeffery Ellis - Direct & Redirect. Conn Abel - Direct & Redirect.

Court Transcript March 16 2005
Short Description: Steve Robel Cross, Re-direct, Re-cross. Paul Zelis Direct, Cross.

Court Transcript March 15 2005
Short Description: Gavin Cross, Re-direct & Re-cross, Terry Flaa, Jeff Klapakis & Steve Robel Testimony.

Court Transcript March 14 2005
Short Description: Gavin Cross Testimony
Court Transcript March 10 2005
Short Description: Gavin Direct and Cross Testimony

Court Transcript March 08 2005
Short Description: Star Cross Testimony
Court Transcript March 07 2005
Short Description: Davellin Cross and Star Testimony

Court Transcript March 04 2005
Short Description: Davellin Cross Testimony
Court Transcript March 03 2005
Short Description: Lafferty & Davellin Testimony
Court Transcript March 01 2005
Short Description: Martin Bashir & Ann Gabriel Testimony
Court Transcript February 28 2005
Short Description: Opening Statements

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Remember your real Dad: The other "child molester"

I hear Anton Jackson is telling his friends he is 1/2 white and 1/2 Mexican. Well, I am not sure David Arvizo would appreciate his children denying their real race, which is full Mexican. And here is their Dad. Yes, David Arvizo, the same guy who the Arvizos accused of child molestation and false imprisonment. Yes, they've accused someone else of the same thing! This is the most molested family on earth...

Remember your Daddy?

ps. Anti-David Arvizo crowd or the Davidshoneys? LMAO, where are you? Hiding behind the "I really care for abused children excuse..."

The most molested, kidnapped, falsely imprisoned family on earth!

The most molested, kidnapped, falsely imprisoned family on earth are the Arvizos...Let's review all the people they've accused of the same thing, the same EXACT THING: Molestation, Kidnapping, false imprisonment!

David Arvizo: Molested, and false imprisoned Davelin Arvizo
JCpenny: Janet was molested and false imprisoned by JCpenny security guards: Gavin witnessed it!
Michael Jackson: The family was kidnapped, false imprisoned by Michael Jackson. Plus, Gavin was molested and his brother "Dan" witnessed it! WOW!

Wow what a big coincidence! The same exact allegations against THREE DIFFERENT PERSONS, COMPANY, ETC in one family's LIFETIME! LOL

Monday, December 26, 2005

Your, Weasel...

Letters from Anton (aka, Gavin), to actor Chris Tucker, his then girlfriend Azja Pryor, and Tucker's child (nicknamed Boo-Boo):

“Hi, Azja. I am sending you a picture of us so when we are not with you, you can see us. I love you, Azja. Your little guy, Gavin Arvizo.”

“Chris, this is a picture for you to remember us always and when you are far away from us you can see us. I love you, Chris. See you soon, big bro. Your little bro, Gavin Arvizo.”

“Hi, Boo-Boo. This is your big brother. Now you can see us all the time. I love you, Boo-Boo, and I miss you. Your big brother, Gavin Arvizo.”

The Arvizos bombard people with loving letters, cards and pictures of themselves, weasel their way into people's lives, and lie to get money and gifts.

Anyone with money, is family to the Arvizos.

What did Anton and Daniel get for Christmas?

I mean we know they're sweet and honest people and their parents would NEVER do anything such as coaching them for financial or material gain right? Especially during Xmas...

And since the Arvizos are poor and only get LOVE as Xmas presents I suggest we collect funds to buy them gifts!!

Q= Tom Mesereau
A=Louise Palanker aka Mommy Dearest also known as the Savior

12 A. Well, that they would stretch the truth as
13 it -- you know, when it came to presents or what
14 they had received; that they would say, “We got
15 love.” “What did you get for Christmas.” “We got
16 love.” That sounds coached to me.
17 Q. But you thought the children were also being
18 coached by the parents to, in effect, plead poverty.
19 A. No, just that they hadn’t received a
20 Christmas gift.
21 Q. Hadn’t received Christmas presents when you
22 knew they had.
23 A. Yeah. Yes.
24 Q. Okay.
25 A. Gavin told me, when I got to the hospital,
26 that Michael had given him a Play Station 2. A Play
27 Station 2.
28 Q. What else did you learn Michael Jackson had 3087

1 given Gavin at the hospital.
2 A. That was -- that was the day that Star, on
3 the phone, had said they “just got love.” And when
4 I got to the hospital, Gavin told me the truth.
5 Q. And when was this.
6 A. Christmas of 2000.

Q. Okay. In that interview on January 7th,
4 2005, with the Santa Barbara sheriffs, do you
5 remember being asked if Janet had ever personally
6 approached you or asked you for money.
7 A. I told them she hadn’t.
8 Q. No, you have to answer my question, please.
9 A. Okay.
10 Q. Do you remember being asked that question.
11 A. Yes, I do.
12 Q. Do you remember responding, “It was always
13 David or it was the children being coached to ask me
14 for a laptop”.
15 A. I felt that Gavin had been coached to ask me
16 for a laptop.
17 Q. Did Gavin ask you for the laptop.
18 A. He would go like this (indicating), because
19 I had promised him one, so he was reminding me.
20 Q. So you were asked by the officer, “What do
21 you mean by coached.” Do you remember that.
22 A. Yes.
23 Q. And you said, “being coached to tell me that
24 they hadn’t gotten any Christmas presents
25 (inaudible)”.
26 A. Star had told me that, yes.
27 Q. Did you believe Star when he told you they
28 hadn’t gotten any Christmas presents. 3067

1 A. I didn’t, really. I wasn’t sure. A lot of
2 people were giving them gifts at that time.
3 Q. Did you think Star was being coached.
4 A. I did.
5 Q. Okay. And how do you know a lot of people
6 were giving them gifts around the same time that
7 Star said, “We don’t have any Christmas presents”.
8 A. I don’t know. I just know that people
9 visited them, comedians visited them, and it was
10 Christmastime, so I felt that he -- they probably
11 would have gotten something.
12 Q. Okay. And in discussing Gavin asking for a
13 laptop, you told the sheriffs, “But he’s right next
14 to David asking for things. The father should say,
15 ‘Honey, don’t ask for anything. She’s being very
16 generous.’” Do you remember saying that.
17 A. Yes, I do.
18 Q. What did you mean by that.
19 A. I had just given David a second check for
20 $10,000 within a three-week period of time, and I
21 felt that David should have told Gavin, “We’ll get
22 you the laptop, Honey. It’s taken care of.”
23 Q. And this is when you thought Gavin was being
24 coached to ask you for the laptop.
25 A. Because David was right there and he didn’t
26 stop him.
27 Q. But you don’t know if his mother coached him
28 at all, do you.

Please send donations to Louise Palanker's fund for Coached children:

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Will the real Louise Palanker please stand up?

Palanker Shady

I am confused as to which Louise Palanker should we believe the one who was caught on tape trashing the Arvizos, or the one who pretends to care a lot about the Arvizos. Which one should we believe? The one on tape calling Janet crazy and bipolar? The one on tape saying Gavin sounded coached to her? The one on tape saying the family is as wacky as they want to be? The one who never tried to help Janet when Janet asked for help when she was "kidnapped..." by "someone." (Perhaps because Janet was only setting up an alibi for the future lawsuit, which Sneddon ruined) Why didn't you help her Louise? How come you didn't care then? Why do you care now? Attention? Do you enjoy the attention this has brought to you? Which Palanker should we believe? The one who didn't know she was been taped by the police, or the one who pretends she would jump in front of a truck for the Arvizos? You don’t give three craps about the Arvizos and the Palanker caught on tape proved it. Two faced Louise Palanker. Yes, that's right.

If you want to contact Palanker and remind her of her lies...give it a try

Anton remember the sweet letters you wrote to Daddy Michael?

Just in case you do not remember, here is one of them:

“Dear Daddy Michael. How are you. I can’t wait to see you again and play with you at Neverland, because we are going to be best friends and you are my daddy forever. You are the finest grown-up in the world. I love you, Daddy Michael. And tell my little brother and little sister that I love and care about them. Thank you for everything, Daddy.

Thank you for being my Daddy Michael. Thank you for helping me be happy and beat cancer. Happy Daddy’s Day, and I love you more.

Love, your Doo-Doo Head, Gavin Arvizo.

And then there’s a heart and there’s print inside the heart that says, “I love my Daddy Michael forever”.

P.S.: Please give me your new phone numbers, because I miss talking to you. My phone number is 626-452-1693.

Charming letter from Gavin in a purple envelope addressed to “Daddy Michael, from your son Gavin”

Pathetic or what? Yes, that's how one gets closer to someone's cash, isn't it Anton?

What do JC Penney, David Arvizo, & Michael Jackson have in common?

They were all accused of molestation and false imprisonment by the Arvizo family now known as the Jacksons from Alamitos, California. Yes, that's right, that colorful Avenue in Los Alamitos...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Big brother is watching you...

The Arvizos have no friends as their own so called friends gave them away...

Just kiddin



Friday, December 23, 2005

"An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

If you're interested in law and obvious miscarriages of justice, please rent Murder On a Sunday Morning.

Murder On A Sunday Morning

Directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Beating out some of the most poignant and powerful films of the last decade, this gripping, edge-of-your-seat whodunit catapulted to the top of “must see” lists everywhere when it emerged to win the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. A mesmerizing thrill ride, MURDER ON A SUNDAY MORNING is invigorating and heart-wrenching at the same time--the stuff suspense novelists only dream of writing.Jacksonville, Florida, May 2000. Mary Ann Stephens is shot in the head at point blank range in front of her husband. Two hours later, Brenton Butler, a 15 year old black male, is arrested walking down a nearby street. Mr. Stephens identifies him. Butler signs a confession.Everyone involved with the case, from investigators to journalists, is ready to condemn Butler, except his lawyer, Patrick McGuiness. A dazzling and magnetic presence of Hollywood proportions, McGuiness reopens the inquiry, and in a dramatic and absolutely spine-tingling sequence of events, he and his team discover a slew of shocking and troubling elements about the case. Did Brenton write his own confession? Where is the concrete evidence? And most importantly, can the police be lying?

Cast Interviews; Deleted Scenes; Original Police Confession; Filmmaker Biography; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection.

Los lying

"Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others."

Fyodor Dostoevski

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

A lie has speed, but truth has endurance. ~Edgar J. Mohn

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." Right anonymous? lol Is pissing you off...lmao

Truth fears no questions. ~Unknown

A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. ~Author Unknown

Mal Pancoast

Blog reporters & supporters

I want to let you guys know I do not want any of you to engage in insults with the anonymous poster who visits the blog. Please state the facts, that's all we're here to do.


ps. have fun...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bipolar Psychosis

Main Entry: pathological liar Function: noun: an individual who habitually tells lies so exaggerated or bizarre that they are suggestive of mental disorder

Psychotic individual who makes their children lie on litigations to either obtain money or custody of such children.

In defense of Louise Palanker...

Palanker loves these boys so much she didn't even bother to help them when Janet called her for help, while she was kidnapped by the boogie man. I think Palanker figured Janet was once again lying her ass off, or simply forgot to take her medication. As Palanker put it the Arvizos can be as wacky as they want to be.

A fan is now going to the campus pretending to be the CIA? LMAO. It's this one of your bad jokes Louise?

This blog was not made to help or hurt Michael Jackson. I don't give a crap if you hate Michael Jackson, the facts are still the same my friend, the case was a sham. If I read the case and it was you Louise Palanker falsely accused of a crime, I would've done the same thing, same blog! This is about an injustice and I am expressing my disgust on it. I do not care if Michael Jackson was found not guilty; he should've never been falsely accused in the 1st place. I don't care if the press is negative about Mr. Jackson, were they ever nice or fair? LOL This blog is not about Michael Jackson, this blog is about a family who has falsely accused three entities of the same crimes. I feel as sorry for the Arvizos as you feel sorry for Michael Jackson.

A challenge to the jocks...

The Santa Barbara official website for the Michael Jackson case has the transcripts, if you believe Gavin when he says we're "messing" with the transcripts perhaps you should go to the Santa Barbara website and download the transcripts and then compare them to those I provided yesterday. And you will find out they're the same transcripts. However, Gavin does not want any of you to read those transcripts. The transcripts can be found on many websites on the internet and you will find them to be same transcripts, over and over again.

Santa Barbara Website

Michael Jackson Trial Transcripts on Exemplaris!
Transcripts of the jury trial and grand jury hearings in the State of California v. Michael Joe Jackson are available on Exemplaris. Find these transcripts by selecting "high profile trials" on the Exemplaris Power Search Page, or by typing in Case Number 11336-03. You will find the specific days listed, for example, as "3/Gr Jury", which will designate the third day of Grand Jury testimony, or by specific day trial testimony. Transcripts for daily trial testimony will be posted at approximately 12:30 PM Pacific time and 7:00 PM Pacific time daily.

And here is the link I provided yesterday

Would Santa Barbara change the transcripts? Come on, go read them on their website, if the excuse was that you think we "picked" parts from the transcripts to make Mr. Jackson look good. Perhaps you should to go to the Santa Barbara website and read the same transcripts. And if you believe Michael Jackson molested, kidnapped, and extorted the Arvizos you should not be afraid to read those transcripts. Correct?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Los Alamitos' football team: Look closer...

If you want to believe your friend Gavin/Anton when he lies to you saying he was abused. Perhaps you should take a look at the case, look at the case closely.

Take a couple days or weeks to read EVERY THING THAT WAS SAID in court and then decide for yourself if you think Michael Jackson abused anybody ON THAT FAMILY


This blog exist because I've followed the case and I can guarantee you Gavin Anton Arvizo and his family are a pack of liars who conned not only Michael Jackson but a list of people. A list of people mentioned in the trial and some testified. And for the rest of Los Alamitos High School's students who do not believe Anton, they should still READ the transcripts and learn about the justice system. And how the system almost convicted an innocent man.

Soto Street...

My family once had this disgusting apartment on Soto Street, in East LA, where we would take our victims; people we intended to con. We didn’t live in that apartment, we only had it for show and tell....we’d show people that apartment, and then we’d tell them that we were poor. We fooled so many people, I wasn’t able to keep count of how many, but there were heaps. All the people that we took to that apartment, would then give us gifts and money. Here are some of my favorite "we fooled them" memories:

One time, a lady brought us a turkey for Christmas, because we told her that we were poor, and my mommy got angry at her. My mommy told her that we didn’t want the turkey, we wanted money. I don’t know why, but that lady never came back.

Another time, my mommy wanted me and my brother to take dance lessons, and my mommy told the owners of the dance studio that we were poor, so they gave us free lessons....that was around the time my mommy, me, my brother, and my real daddy got money from JCPenney’s.

We also got money and gifts from actor Chris Tucker and his girlfriend, because we told them that we were poor.

Comedians George Lopez and Louise Palanker, along with weather presenter Fritz Coleman, gave us too many things to mention, but most importantly, Louise Palanker gave us $20,000; we once tried to move in with her, but she wouldn't let us.

Some local police officers even raised money for us after I showed them my cancer scars, and we told them that we were poor.

We have fooled so many people, gosh, it’s unbelievable....but true. And the entire time that we were fooling all the people we fooled, Michael (Jackson, aka, King of Pop) was paying for my medical bills, even though I had no medical bills (but Michael didn’t know that 'cause we lied to him), and he was sending me and my family whatever we wanted; some of Michael’s friends gave us money, too....we told them all that we were poor. But I don’t know what’s happened to all that money. I think my mommy spent most of it on votive candles, and my brother spent the rest at McDonald’s. My brother eats a lot!!

We love to falsely accuse...

So far,

I, Anton Jackson (aka Gavin Arvizo), have falsely accused Michael Jackson, my mommy, my daddy, and JC Penney and Tower Records guards of sexual and/or physical abuse, and I falsely accused Michael Jackson and his friends and employees of kidnapping me and my family, and I didn’t tell the truth when my real daddy falsely accused comedian George Lopez of stealing $300 from my wallet; I have told a lot of other lies, too.

My brother, Daniel (aka Star), has falsely accused Michael Jackson, my real daddy, and JC Penney and Tower Records guards of sexual and/or physical abuse, and he falsely accused Michael Jackson and his friends and employees of kidnapping us; he has told a lot of other lies, too.

My sister, Davellin, has falsely accused my real daddy of sexual and physical abuse (she later admitted that she lied, but, later again, changed her story and falsely accused my real daddy of abuse), and she falsely accused Michael Jackson and his friends and employees of kidnapping us; (she also lied about being lonely at Neverland, because everyone knows that she was busy getting it on with her boyfriend in the guesthouses at Neverland) she, also, has told a lot of other lies.

My mommy, Janet-Arvizo-Ventura-Jackson, has falsely accused my real daddy and JC Penney and Tower Records guards of sexual and physical abuse, and she falsely accused Michael Jackson and his friends and employees of kidnapping us. (she also falsely accused Michael Jackson of spying on her through a telescope....who would want to spy on her fat ass? Ewww! My mommy is crazy!!) My mommy has told the most lies.

WE LIE AND FALSELY ACCUSE FOR MONEY!! (Except when we falsely accused my real daddy, which we did 'cause mommy wanted us to, 'cause she was screwing around with other losers.)

Is that you Anton?

Anton remember when you held Michael's hand in the documentary? Remember leaning your head on his shoulders? Remember? It all make sense now. In court it was discovered your mother had plans to sue Michael Jackson EVEN BEFORE SHE MET HIM! She was already looking for lawyers to sue a man she had not met. It makes sense why you didn't want to leave Michael's room! Con-boy.

I swear I am not gay...

12-year-old Rijo Jackson testified that Anton Jackson (formerly Gavin Arvizo) and Daniel Jackson (formerly Star Arvizo) asked him to masturbate with them.




3 Q. Good morning.

4 A. Good morning.

5 Q. Mr. Jackson, do you know the fellow seated

6 at counsel table to my right?

7 A. Yeah.

8 Q. Who is that?

9 A. Michael Jackson.

10 Q. And are you related to him?

11 A. (Nods head up and down.)

12 Q. How are you related to Michael Jackson?

13 A. Cous -- cousin.

14 Q. Okay. And where is your home?

15 A. At Lompoc.

26 Q. Okay. And were you staying in the same room

27 with Gavin and Star?

28 A. Yes. For one night I was. 10867

1 Q. Pardon me?

2 A. For one night.

3 Q. Okay. Did you spend that night with Gavin

4 and Star?

5 A. Yes.

6 Q. Okay. Was that -- did they sleep in the

7 guest unit?

8 A. Yes.

9 Q. Okay. Is that where you slept?

10 A. Yes.

11 Q. Okay. Now, what did you see Gavin and Star

12 do in the guest unit, Rijo?

13 A. I saw them go to the T.V. and turn to a

14 channel that had, like, naked girls on there, and

15 doing other stuff, like nasty stuff.

16 Q. What nasty stuff?

17 A. They were, like, jacking off and everything.

18 Q. Okay. Did they do that in front of you?

19 A. (Nods head up and down.)

20 Q. Was Michael Jackson anywhere near that room?

21 A. No.

22 Q. Okay. What did you do when you saw Gavin

23 and Star jacking off?

24 A. I told my sister and she told me to go to

25 Michael’s room.

26 Q. And did you run to Michael’s room when you

27 saw that?

28 A. (Nods head up and down.) 10868

1 Q. Did Gavin and Star stay in the guest unit?

2 A. Yeah.

3 Q. Did Gavin and Star say anything to you when

4 they did the nasty stuff?

5 A. The other day they did. They said, “Why

6 don’t you do that with me?”

7 Q. And what did you say to them?

8 A. I said I didn’t want to because it was

9 nasty, and it’s wrong.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I didn't give a damn...

*I didn't give a damn about Michael Jackson when I lied to Katz

*I didn't give a damn about his children when I lied to Feldman

*I didn't give a damn about his family when lied to Sneddon

*I didn't give a damn about an innocent man's life when I lied in court

*I didn't give a damn about lying to get money

I don't give a damn now I keep living my life as if nothing HAPPENED as if I've done nothing wrong, I still do not give a damn I still pretend I was molested, knowing very well I WAS NOT. I don't give a damn, so why should I expect the other side to give a damn about me? God saved me from "cancer", but will god give me a second chance?

Monday, December 19, 2005

One Way Ticket To Hell...

I, Anton (aka Gavin), was just listening to my favorite album, One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back. Have you seen the video to the first single released from this album? Man, the Devil looks cool....he’s my IDOL. With all the conning, scheming, lying and stealing that I’ve done in my lifetime, almost destroying an innocent man and his precious little children, I think I’ve earned a one way ticket to Hell. I love the Devil, he guides me!!


Look at how happy Mad Dog looked on June 13, 2005, the day he lost, and Michael Jackson was acquitted. What a funny picture....what a funny face!!

Look at this picture I found....My mommy, Janet-Ventura-Arvizo-Jackson, put Mad Dog in the hot air balloon because he lost the one case he was supposed to win; now we'll never get our hands on Michael Jackson's money.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

To Brenton Butler

And everybody that has been falsely accused of a crime in the United States.

Fight for what's right...always.

Janet Arvizo hit with fraud charges

Official court documents charging Janet Arvizo with fraud, if you click on document number II, you will see the town where she lives, which is Alamitos, California. For those neighboors who refuse to believe this is the same woman who is now pretending to be someone else, who finds it amusing that her new name is Janet Jackson.

Court transcripts and my challenge...

Here is a link to the court transcripts. I've read each one of those and that's why this blog exist. As I said below one of my reporter's article: If you can debunk the information on this blog about this family, I will reveal my identity.

PS. COPY AND PASTE THE URL and you will be able to open the transcripts. All transcripts are there. I am looking foward to a debate about the transcripts. I am ready to defend my position on this blog. And my position after reading the transcripts is that The Arvizos falsely accused Michael Jackson of a crime in order to get a quick settlement, however, that didn't happen. This case was never meant to go to criminal court, this case was meant to be settled, right Janet?

The devil has hit my blog

Who else but the devil could have knowledge of this information?

During the trial, Michael Jackson prayed hard to the devil. He said, "Satan, please please, if you have the jury come back with NOT GUILTY, I promise to give up all my money, my property and my half of the catalogue". And Satan answered, "Fortress, Dec.20th!"

I think my weblog was hit by the devil himself. We've talked it over many times while I was accusing Michael in court. He promised he'd force Michael to give up on his money, so I can have the money in case I lose my case against him. Damn, now the devil is around, and I do not have my wishlist for Christmas ready.

An invitation...

I am inviting this person to prove their position, and I will prove mine. If this person after reading every document about the case can DEBUNK EVERYTHING that has been said about this family on this blog, I will reveal my identity.
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