Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dear Diane...

It's all about Gavin, right? Poor Gavin, poor cancer patient (get another pity me line) Poor family. Who the heck do you think we're? Palanker? Who keeps bending over for those suckers. What about Michael Jackson? What about his family? What about the children in his family? They had to go through hell thanks to that little greedy bastard called Gavin Arvizo who now goes by "Anton Jackson..." which is nothing but his middle name and his stepfather's last name. So the feelings of the Jacksons do not matter? "Gavin was still victimized by adults one way or the other, so how can you attack him now on the Internet?" Now the truth is called attacks? Give me a break Diane.

What about what Michael Jackson and his family? Whom went through on a FALSE ALLEGATION MADE BY A GREEDY FAMILY full of grifters. That does not matter to you Diane? Right? His mother, his father, his brothers and sisters, his nieces, nephews, cousins, what they went through does not matter? Because they're not human right? However, this family of grifters they're saintly human beings? Please give Ghandi a break. Would ya? Why don't you ask Janet Arvizo what the fuck was she thinking when she decided to put her three children through what she put them through? Oh wait! They were used to scams by then. I am sure it wasn't too hard.

Diane, stop asking questions that are backwards! Why did Michael Jackson settle? Why did the Chandlers sue and settle! Start asking those questions hon! And nope do not freaking give me that "Evan was sick..." bull shit. Was Evan sick when he sued Michael a second time? Was Blanca Francia sick when she blackmailed Michael Jackson into a settlement? Was Janet sick when she went to civil lawyers including Feldman before she even dared go to the cops! Oh wait, she didn't go to the cops! Feldman reported the bullshit allegations! I feel as sorry for Gavin as I feel for you, two pathetic souls, I hope there is not a day that goes by where Gavin Arvizo does not THINK OF THE FACT HE FALSELY ACCUSED MICHAEL JACKSON along with his pathetic family. I hope they all live in hell for the rest of their lives, the same hell Michael Jackson has to endured thanks to false allegations, greedy parents and obsessive compulsive reporters, who do not hesitate to cash in on a crime they say THEY "believe" happened. Michael Jackson is too fucking weird to matter, right? His feelings do not matter? His family does not matter? When that starts to matter to you Diane, perhaps The Arvizos…oops excuse me the “Jacksons...” will start to matter to me. As of right now I feel about them like you feel about Michael Jackson. Ha!

PS. FBI....I am waiting...


Anton Jackson


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