Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dear Michael...

When it came to people that my family intended to con, we continually wrote letters to them, praising them, trying to gain their sympathy, and their money. Here are two letters (one of them was a card), that we wrote to Michael Jackson, when we were trying to weasel our way into Michael’s life (our mommy told us to write to Michael, and she also told us what to write, which is why we sound crazy, as if we're stalkers)...

“My super, super, best, best friend. I love you. I love you. Happy Father’s Day. You always heal us in a very special way. Michael, you are special to us. We loyally and faithfully love you more. We love you unconditionally, to infinity and beyond forever. Thank you, Michael, for being our family. Love, your blow hole, Star Arvizo. 626-452-1693.”

“When we get broken and shattered into tiny little pieces, we always still love, need and care about you with every tiny little piece of our hearts, because you always heal us in a very special way.”

When we sent Michael the (father's day) card, in 2001, Michael was really busy with his new album, and we didn't see him at all that year, but he did send us Christmas gifs; that, though, wasn't enough for us, we wanted more.

We always called Michael "daddy", but we lied to the police, and at Michael's trial, and said that Michael forced us in 2003 to call him "daddy". At Michael's trial, my brother testified that I called him "daddy" because I needed a daddy.

Michael treated us like family. He let us visit Neverland whenever we wanted to, loved us unconditionally, tried to make me feel better when I was very ill with cancer, paid for my medical bills, even though I didn't have medical bills (but he didn't know that because we lied to him), sent us expensive gifts, remembered us at Christmas time, put up with my crazy mommy, and how did we thank him?...We falsely accused him. SHAME ON THE ARVIZO-JACKSONS!!


This is what my brother testified at Michael's trial about the nickname "blow hole"..

Defense lawyer: "Now, blow hole was a nickname for a fish, right?"

My brother: "I made it up. I was going to give it to Michael. We had a rock/paper/scissors, I lost, so I got stuck with that name."

The defense lawyer showed my brother a Neverland guestbook which had been defaced, and guess what was written on it?..BLOW HOLE. My brother and I caused a lot of trouble at Neverland, at people's houses, and at an orthodontist's office, when our mommy took us to have our braces removed; we had never been to that orthodontist before, but because we're troublemakers, we rummaged through the orthodontist's draws, and touched all her sterile equipment, which she testified at Michael's trial that she had to throw out. My brother even put a knife to the throat of two of Michael's employees when they wouldn't give him what he wanted, and Michael's employees testified about that at Michael's trial. We're such nuisance kids....but W(h)eezy Palanker thinks we're well-mannered kids; she needs new glasses, and a new brain. Can we have some money, W(h)eezy?


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