Thursday, December 08, 2005


how are u, miss diamond? is there a problem w/ telling the truth? is there a problem w/ using pictures that were put out by gavin anton himself? is there a problem w/ exposing who they are when they see it soooooo fit to lie to others about their past? is there a problem w/ wanting to warn others before they also fall for their lies?

if there is, tell wheezy what's up. im sure u know!

hey, don't worry, the book stores keep putting ur book in the wrong section. i place it in the comedy section whenever i can. i really have to start getting on them about it!

but the next time u try to tell people something, like that a certain family is in the witness protection program, make sure those people only have an i.q. of 2 so they don't find out ur lying AGAIN!

oh, and publishing a picture of jordan chandler in ur book was amazing! nice to know how U treat so-called 'victims'

i wonder what the fbi would think about a certain juror, ELLIE COOK, talking and fraternizing with a certain witness, ADRIAN MCMANUS, during the trial.......

please keep talking about this blog on the radio...we love the publicity!



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