Saturday, December 10, 2005

Inspired by Weird Al...

Diane sat alone in Mad Dog’s big backyard,
she waited for him, she’s such a freakin' tart.
She thought he had a story that was huge,
she hoped he’d give her something she could use.

Diane, Diane, what’s in her head?
Diane, Diane, is she in-bred?

He told her 'Diane, we found a family.
They’ll do as we say, the mom is real crazy.
They’ll take the stand,
they love to lie,
they’ve lied before,
they all want Michael's money.'

Diane, Diane, she's so fake.
Diane, Diane, what a snake.

Lie, lie, lie, Diane, you hag.
Lie, lie, lie, no one gives a damn.
You’re as transparent
as your stupid lies.
You’re only a professional
in brainless people’s eyes.

Diane inquired, 'where’s the family?
I want to see them, to give them some money.
Let’s make them promises,
let’s ask them what they need.
Their lies will make us
rich celebrities.'

Diane, Diane, is she out of her head?
Diane, Diane, is she brain dead?

I think so!

Now she sulks,
'cause he lost!!


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