Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Janet, Gavin, Star and Davelin...

Are you ready for the gates of HELL? Was it worth it? Can you sleep at night? Can you, or you're just keeping the lie...

---Anton Jackson---


Blogger holly said...

LMAO This blog is hilarious!

Arvizo's are scum! How can they sleep at night?!

6:55 AM  
Blogger holly said...

Gavin Arvizo had a house

And in that house, lived lots of liars

His mum was hairy so she had a wax

But then she lied in court, went back on her tracks

With a lie lie here and a lie lie there, here a lie, there a lie, everywhere a lie lie!

Gavin Arvizo had a house

(to be continued...)

7:02 AM  
Blogger invincible said...

Anton doesn't sleep, he stays up all night, every night, masturbating.

1:59 PM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

what invincible said is true.

-anton jackson

(p.s. i really miss the porn mags at michael's house. the mags we have in hell suck)

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you people realize you are being taken by Douglas Bowman at Stopdesign
642 Alvarado Street Suite 109, San Francisco, CA 94114,, this dude is a fucking fag who has an obsession with michael jackson, "she" has taken it upon herself to pick on an underage person because cowardly rage infested gays tend to do that, michael jackson is fucking guilty, anyone in their right fucking mind knows that, proclaimed not guilty does not mean you are innocent, MJ bought the judge, a retiring fuckhead of an alcoholic, he bought the jury, star-struck cowpokes and cowpucks, michael jackson fucking bought his freedom, period, millions can do that for you, he is right up there with OJ and robert blake, it is amazing how many of you are so wrapped up into this and following the lead of a michael jackson loving faggot living in san francisco, it is easy to sit behind a computer and vent your hate for someone who took your love away, this queen bowman is a warped leather queen who works the alleys and causeways of san francisco by night high on crystal prowling for sex and infecting those who come his way, by day she listens to her vintage MJ scratched, warped, hissing and popping LP's clutching her MJ pillow while her tear stained mascara runs across his face and the whore smudged lipstick has stained the pillow she so loves(with MJ's face on it - circa 1979), then she jumps on the computer and relegates to her fan base all the hate she has procured for the day and vents it across his blowhole and ouila - we have this blogspot thats like the herpes rash strewn across her ass and lips, people, lets think a minute here, mind you it makes for entertaining reading but in reality have you stopped to think the time and energy spent by this psycho to produce this shit, doesn't this bitch have a fucking life, can't he go save the whales, the gay teen runaways, the fucking penguins for god's sake, why does she have to be such a classic snitty little bitty viper bitch who takes it upon herself to bring this type of shit upon an inoccent family, who are the real victims here? i am just so fucking tired of assholes like him who form these vendettas and try to harm people electronically, just like identity fraud, slander and viciousness, do you know he took the time to email the school and faculty as well, now what kind of sicko do you think it takes to fuel this bullshit, a big one!, ok, ok, now its your turn, rake this through the coals and we'll see what else prevails, remember, somewhere some sick faggot is getting her rocks off, thank you bowman's momma

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Douglas Bowman at Stopdesign
642 Alvarado Street Suite 109, San Francisco, CA 94114,


11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets talk about you bitch, what the fuck is it with and your personal vendetta, do you have a boner with gavin, do you want to fuck his mom, what the fuck is it, why are you MJs martyr if she isn't even picking a bitch about it herself, are you getting paid or laid - or what other fucking notion is about you and who gives you the authority ms douglas bowman of to be the proliferator of all that is right

1:15 PM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

Wow a person who cusses that much really doesn't know wht they're talking about. I can cuss too you know, you little fuck face piece of shit. you really need to get the fuck outta here before i track you the fuck down. i sware i don't know why they let little bith-ass faggots like you roam around on the streets. do you wanna fuck gavin or something you little sick son-of-a-bitch? come on have the balls to say something smart you queer cuz if you can't you must really have a shitty life being gavin's fucking bitch. your so full of shit and we don't need dicks like you here. go out and get a fucking life cuz you really need an ass-beating!

6:15 AM  

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