Saturday, December 31, 2005

Let's reflect back to 2005!

Well since the year is coming to an end, and everyone from entertainment venues to news media outlets are having a countdown to a Best of to reflect on the Year. let's reflect on the Arvizos' rip offs and the REAL reason why The DA's case went up in Smoke! Hey Janet, remember Connie Freeman? She was the editor of the Mid Valley news that YOU contacted five times in 2000 about running a story to raise money and attention to poor dying Gavin to pay insurance for his medical bills when IN FACT his medical bills were covered by DAVID ARVIZO's insurance! You know what Janet; we came to find out that the hospital where Anton was treated for cancer; the expenses were actually free. Hey, Janet do you remember the Thanksgiving when Connie Freeman delivered to you the turkey and you turned it down for money?

Oh and speaking of INSURANCE that same insurance covered Anton when you staged that fund raiser at the Laugh Factory where comics including Louise Palanker were under the impression you had no money to pay for expenses! Remember that! Oh how can we forget!Talk about scripted hmm if you were so forced to do that rebuttal film how come even your friend Diane Dimond commented on how heavily made up you were. How you even tried to take over and direct. Let's remember your words correctly. "Hey you see I am holding his hand GET THAT!" Even Jay Leno stopped your calls that YOU YOURSELF coached Gavin to praise a late night comedian that tells ADULT jokes that are way past his bedtime oh and I mention he said it was "scripted". Oh how about your act with the German accent. Wonderful actress Jan wonderful! Oh don't forget Christian Robinson, you told him that you WANTED to be in the video. In fact he told jurors that you were ADAMANT about being in the video!

Your act surely didn't sway DCF and LAPD since they didn't go after the charges. Oh yeah speaking of social workers, do you remember Mercy Dee Manrriquez? To refresh your memory she is the social worker that testified that YOU after 10 days receiving $151,000 from JC Penny, (which YOU coached the kids to lie about) you didn't mention that when you applied for both welfare and food stamps! Hmmm very interesting!

You knew that if you would have added that payment you wouldn't have any benefits. Is that why in November of 2001 you signed those forms omitting that information about insurance and the PAYOLA from JC Penney. Is that why you pleaded the 5th during the trial? Same reason why YOU are now facing charges?
Remember Azja? Sure you do. You got Davellin to call her over and over about a car which YOU claimed you didn't have when in fact you did. The same Azja that you told that you were horrified about the documentary and that YOU OFFERED to be in the rebuttal film.

Gavin do you remember when you said Michael told you boys had to masturbate or they go crazy? When in fact it was your granny that told you that? Oh Gavin do YOU remember Irene Peters? Let me refresh your memory. She was the SOCIAL WORKER that YOU and your family met after the Bashir documentary in February of 2003. She asked you straight out were you EVER sexually abused my Michael Jackson and she told jurors under oath that YOU got upset and said "Everybody thinks Michael Jackson sexually abused me. He NEVER touched me."

In fact, Janet she interviewed you separately no killers around. Janet, you told her that Michael was responsible for helping your son with the cancer. You told her that Michael was a father figure to your kids. Remember Gavin "Daddy Michael" who paid for your operation that SAVED YOUR LIFE? No more cancer? Oh Gavin lets mention Dean Alpert. Yeah the teacher you told twice that nothing EVER happened. Oh and the kidnapping hmm let's remember what YOU told the jurors. “I liked being at Neverland it's like Disneyland". Oh Gavin was Alpert one of the teachers you argued with? You did admit that on the stand!

Let's mention the HORRIBLE KIDNAPPING. Janet you remember Kathryn Bernard? She was the Neverland assistant that you were praising Michael so much during your shopping visit too. How YOU Janet became upset because the KILLERS were keeping YOU and your CON ARTIST family away from Michael in early March without him knowing in 03. You must have felt the same rejection Anton felt when Michael wised up and cut you off.

How about the alleged kidnapping Janet? Oh yeah the same one where you RETURNED to Neverland and during your CAPTIVITY in which you were treated to a waxing. Let's go there Hairy Mary! *Warning you might want to hide in the bushes for this one*. Carole McCoy should be very vivid in your memory. Carole is the spa owner that told the jury that you didn't have no camera crew with you, which YOU CLAIMED followed you to the appointment. In fact Fuby you got a Brow, Lip, Face, Leg, and Bikini wax that came up to $140.00. What DA in their right mind would have even brought this to trial with all of these scams so close together? What an embarrassment to the judicial system!

Thanks to Cookies and Cream for the lovely review!



Blogger pyt in nyc said...

pretty sucky for janut. the worst that could happen in '06 is that she goes to jail for fraud.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Anton Jackson said...

I doubt it.

1:50 PM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

i hope. i also hoped lisa marie wouldn't make another album but that didn't happen

4:55 PM  
Blogger LIARvizo said...

a busy year, eh janet?

7:40 PM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

yes, it has been a remarkable year.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Janet Avrizo did have to pay a fine and "x" amount of hours for community service for her welfare fraud. But that's still nothing for what she and her family put MJ through.

10:58 PM  

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