Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Luv, Zonen...

I agreed Michael’s bond was appropriate,
because I’m really dense.
I whined about my mortgage,
and how much Michael spent.
I said Janet Arvizo wasn’t crazy,
but I was at my wit's end.
She drove me up the wall,
I had to constantly object.
Her babble in the courtroom
was such a waste of time.
Her brats, though so revised,
couldn’t remember their lines.
We thought we’d get a conviction
with liars and their lies.
But Mesereau was smart,
he destroyed our every stride.
Mad Dog, with his hands clasped tight,
mumbled and grumbled every night.
He prayed and prayed, desperately,
he yearned for a conviction,
since 1993.
But Mad Dog’s tactics weren't very good.
He slobbered and fumbled,
and no one understood.
So the reins to potential victory
were handed over to me.
Just like Mad Dog,
I was naïve,
and could not see
the road to failure and misery.
I called Michael a "threat,"
but I couldn’t tell you why.
It’s something Mad Dog told me to say,
so I did, ‘cause I’m a liar.
I showed porn to young handsome men,
mmmm, that was so exciting.
I talked dirty to a little boy,
with my favorite topic, masturbating.
My goal was to humiliate,
to belittle the King of Pop.
I wanted the public to realize,
that Peter Pan, he is not.
But my efforts only helped people see,
that Michael is a human being.
Much more talented and intelligent,
of course,
than the prosecutors who lost,
Me (Zonen), Sneddon, and Auchincloss.

And the jurors, they all laughed at us..
especially when our friend, Mag Nicola,
fell on his ass.
They told the world they only believed
the witnesses who represented
the phone companies.

We, the prosecutors, failed, abysmally.


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Blogger pyt in nyc said...

ok,this is what i call a hee-hee
moment. here i go...HEE-HEE!

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