Monday, December 12, 2005

Nightmare of Mom

Last night I had a nightmare. It was horrible, I can tell. I still cringe looking at my Mom's words sometimes. Why did we put her on the stand? Why did we!? It could have all went so well, but she so so screwed it. Doh!! Look what she said to Michael's attorney last April 15th:

2 MESEREAU: When did you meet Michael
3 Jackson?
4 MOTHER: I think it was, my best estimate, August of
5 2000.
6 MESEREAU: Do you remember signing a document prepared
7 by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department on
8 December 18th, 2003?
9 MOTHER: Okay, I think -- is it the paper you just
10 showed me?
11 MESEREAU: Yes. But I have a --
12 MOTHER: I can’t answer unless you tell me exactly.
13 You know, there was a lot of paperwork.
14 MESEREAU: Would you like to see it?
15 MOTHER: Well, I’m asking you, please, is it the same
16 one that you just came up here and showed me?
17 MESEREAU: It is.
18 MOTHER: Okay. Then, yes. I’ve signed many
19 paperworks of theirs.
20 MESEREAU: Let me ask you the question again.
21 MOTHER: Okay.
22 MESEREAU: Do you recall signing a document prepared by
23 the Sheriff’s Department of Santa Barbara County on
24 December 18th, 2003?
25 MOTHER: I think so.
26 MESEREAU: Would it refresh your recollection just to
27 look at the date and your signature?
28 MOTHER: No. That’s -- is that the one that you just

1 showed me?
2 MESEREAU: It is.
3 MOTHER: Then -- then, yes.
4 MESEREAU: You did sign that document --
5 MOTHER: Yes.
6 MESEREAU: -- on December 18th --
7 MOTHER: Yes.
8 MESEREAU: -- 2003?
9 MOTHER: Yes.
10 MESEREAU: All right. Now, do you remember signing a
11 document prepared by the sheriff’s department that
12 said the following: “From time to time, between
13 January 1st, 2000, and the present date, I consulted
14 one or more of those lawyers concerning Michael
15 Jackson’s interaction with me and my children at
16 Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County and
17 elsewhere, in this and other states, and concerning
18 the return of some furniture stored by or in the
19 name of Brad Miller at Dino’s Storage in North
20 Hollywood, Los Angeles County.”
21 Do you remember signing a document that had
22 those words?
23 MOTHER: Do you want me to have the document, like --
24 we’ve had this discussion over since August.
25 MESEREAU: Object, Your Honor.
26 MOTHER: Since August, the same
27 thing --
28 THE COURT: Just a moment. I want you to

1 answer the question. The question is, do you
2 remember signing that document?
3 MOTHER: Yes. Yes.
4 MESEREAU: And the document said that
5 you had started investigating Michael Jackson
6 sometime between January 1st, 2000, and the date you
7 signed the document, which is December 18th, 2003,
8 right?
9 MOTHER: Yes. If that’s -- those words are on there.
10 MESEREAU: Why would you start investigating Michael
11 Jackson around January 1st, 2000, if you didn’t meet
12 him till August 2000?


Blogger holly said...

They should put your mom on the Comedy channel! LOL

7:10 AM  
Blogger KC said...

MESEREAU: Why would you start investigating Michael Jackson around January 1st, 2000, if you didn’t meet him till August 2000?

LOL! I bet you know the answer to this, Anton.

4:14 PM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

"my mama and to mama were out buying bread..
my mama slaped yo mama and now yo mom's dead.."

That's my new song. i only wish it was true, anton.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's pretty hilarious. Maybe she started investigating MJ before she met him to find out how much he's really worth so she can start plotting her attack. She's such a quack and a half.

12:31 AM  

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