Saturday, December 03, 2005

No longer smirking...

Awww, look at how Diane Dimond and Jim Thomas are smiling in the photos below....That was before Mad Dog Sneddon lost the one case he so desperately wanted to win...

As (Santa Barbara District Attorney) Mad Dog Sneddon stood upon a platform in November of 2003, smirking and laughing, informing all that Michael Jackson was to be charged, he was so blinded by greed, and hatred, he could not see that siding with degenerates was a bad move. Society doesn’t like degenerates--especially degenerates who falsely accuse an innocent man so that they can automatically pocket millions if that man is imprisoned.

Thereafter, Mad Dog Sneddon continued to smirk, and laugh, as Judge Melville fulfilled his every wish. Until, of course, trial time arrived, and Mad Dog Sneddon's degenerates arrived in Santa Maria to testify.

Mr. Thomas Mesereau, lead defense lawyer, and a highly intelligent, honorable man, along with his team, lawyers Mr. Robert Sanger and Ms. Susan Yu, also intelligent and honorable, ripped apart Mad Dog Sneddon’s ridiculous case, the degenerates, and their absurd lies, and humiliated Mad Dog Sneddon.

On June 13, 2005, the truth triumphed. Michael Jackson was acquitted, 14 Not Guilty's heard loud and clear, and Mad Dog Sneddon slithered out of the courtroom, no longer smirking, no longer laughing.

Now Mad Dog Sneddon will forever be known as a loser; one who misstated the law.


Blogger Truthis said...

Kind of hard to smirk with a mouth full of crow

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