Monday, December 12, 2005

Palanker is a horrible friend

Next time Diane Dimond talks about Michael Jackson, I suggest she mention how the timeline of the alleged molestation changed to make a sham case appear less sham.. how the Arvizos, their lawyer, and Jamie Masada, who got together often during the time the Arvizos claimed they were allegedly being held against their will by Michael Jackson, never called the police.. how Gavin was a troublemaker long before he met Michael Jackson (he accused his own mother of abuse).. how Janet Arvizo's husband, her then boyfriend, spent days upon days with her while she was allegedly being held against her will. And how professional people, with no connection to Michael Jackson, took the stand and testified about the Arvizos inappropriate, often dangerous behavior. Wow the Arvizos offered various stories as to what actually happened. When compared to their grand jury testimony, trial testimony, what they told Stan Katz (the psychologist), and what they told the police, and you will see there were a lot of inconsistencies.

Louise Palanker might not like to admit it, but, the Arvizo family (who she gave $20,000 to set up a germ free room for Gavin, but spent the money on unnecessary items instead, and did not pay the contractor) tricked, conned, duped, used her. And, Louise, if you value the Arvizos as much as you claim to, why didn't you bother calling Janet to see how she and her children were doing, after Janet called you, claiming that she and her children were being held against their will? A friend would not only immediately contact the police, which, you did not do, but would follow up to see what happened.

I have read Diane's book, and found it to be very biased. The majority of it is based on information by tabloid pawns, who lied for money, and owe Michael Jackson money. She did not provide the facts, the evidence, that point to Michael Jackson's innocence.


Blogger losal23 said...

way to show a picture of us watching the verdict!

we were supposed to be having a family dinner holding hands and crying, like our godmother said...dammit!

too bad danny boy wanted a snickers...notice my snickering...i mean, crying b/c im sad? damn, im busted

12:52 AM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

it sucks that we didn't win..
anyway, i have to go feed my brother, bye.

-anton jackson

8:08 AM  

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