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Palanker makes Jewish people look bad...literally..

Above: Palanker...

December 5th, 2005

Louise Palanker Interviews Diane Dimond & Michael Schoen

- Dimond says that she and her husband wrote a book about the "Baby M" case but it was never published. Jackson book was the first one she wrote.

Perhaps the book publisher realized you do don’t really give a crap about Baby M, unless Michael Jackson is involved.

- Dimond says she "just kept getting sucked back into [The Michael Jackson] story."

Sucked under Sneddon’s desk! I believe you know.

- Dimond talks about Ray Hultman suing his agent and dropping out of his book deal.

Why is he dropping out…because the reception wasn’t as expected?

- Palanker says Larry Garrison (publisher) wanted her to go on shows to talk about the Arvizos.

Sadly, talk shows do not want a tabloid reporter who used to work for Hard Copy.

- Palanker said she didn't feel comfortable doing so because she didn't want to be exploiting the situation. (yet, after the verdict she was *all over* the networks and radio stations)

You didn’t want to exploit the situation, I am sure the Arvizos would love to exploit you. Oops, they already did.

- Dimond mentions that Larry Garrison co-wrote "How To Break Into Acting For Dummies" and they have a conversation about Dummy books. (I wonder if the Arvizos ever read that Acting For Dummies book?)

Did Janet, Gavin, Star, and Davelin read that book?

- Dimond talks about chasing Brian Oxman and how her sound engineer recorded his phone conversation

The conduct of a real journalist…

- Schoen is proud of Dimond and thrilled that she got to write the book and that she got a "Class A" publisher to put it out. He says the response has been pretty good. (Yeah, if he considers 1,900 sales in two weeks to be pretty good )

1,880 copies! True success!

- Dimond says after the trial she had 45 days to finish the book. So she raced home to New York. The early stuff was already down, the last 45 days was everything that happened in Santa Maria.

The verdict ruined your book, didn’t it Diane?

- Dimond said she wrote "hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages" and then talks about the title of her book.

Are you 99.9% sure of that?

- Dimond says there were days that she didn't even get out of her pajamas. She'd wake up at 5AM and work on the book until night never leaving her place.

Of course you didn’t leave the office! All you need is your imagination.

- Dimond says the furthest that she had to go to get to a bottom of the story had to be the Jackson story.

I would have to ask Sneddon that….how really low you really went….

- Dimond says she started investigating Michael Jackson in 1993 and doesn't feel that she's finished with it yet. She is not satisfied that we know the truth. "Here I've written this book, but I just don't feel like we know the truth. I know what the verdict was, but I also know that three jurors came out afterwards and oops, can we get a do-over? (I thought she said in one of her book promotion interviews that she was done with Jackson and ready to move on?)

Of course you’re not finished yet, revenge does not end with a book, it ends with death. Right Diane? WITH A CRASH! RIGHT? Can’t wait to see that crash?

- Dimond says she doesn't know if Michael will last another ten years. Says that from her sources she believes he is a "Class A" substance abuser. Talks about him doing drugs and alcohol and how bad he looked during the trial. (Stacy Brown said this exact "10 years" thing towards the end of the trial)

That’s when you will achieve revenge…

- Palanker says he doesn't look human and that your brain stops accepting him as an individual - he's more like a statue. Dimond says nothing moves on his face except his eyelids.

And that’s why is so easy to treat him this way? Right?

- Dimond says she has sources close to Michael Jackson. Talks about how she gets sources, by taking them out to lunch and so-forth. Her husband says she gets sources because she is friendly and reports stories as she is told them.

I am sure you’re really friendly! Right Sneddon.

- "In July of 2003, I got a call from my source that I had always stayed in touch with since the '93 accuser. And, I found out they were going to raid Neverland. Well that was July. I had to wait until November -- I couldn't tell anybody."

Sneddon is surely a nice boy.

- "And she had to sell it to her superiors at CourtTV. And she said "I have a story. Trust me. Send me a producer and a crew, and trust me." And they did."

And then they fired you after the story was over.

- "They said where are you going? And I said I can't tell you. I said, just let me take a producer. I'm going to hire a couple of crews, I'm going to bill it to you, and they said hmm, okay."

I can tell you how it ended: Diane Dimond still nothing but a tabloid reporter.

- Palanker says that she used to be just a source to Dimond, until she offered her a cheese ball. Now she's a source with the cheese ball. (?)

I am not surprised here.

- Dimond describes Palanker in her book as "a short, attractive blond with glasses." Dimond's husband wouldn't disagree with that.

Who says this book is based on facts? LMAO.

- Palanker says her book is a page turner that sucks you in and that she loved the last page where Dimond speaks about Zonen and the prosecution being so amazing and invested.

They were so amazing they lost the case.

- Dimond met with the entire prosecution team when they called the family the day after the verdict. She talked about how they were so upbeat after just losing.

I am not sure this makes any sense even to Diane.

- Dimond talks about her job at Hard Copy and how she followed up on stories. Says the process sometimes takes a long time. Says some stories are easier and black and white. Boring.

Michael Jackson is not boring right? lol

- Lots of talk about Zombies and how Dimond would go about interviewing them -- she would try but she would make sure her husband had her back.

Your husband must be a zombie himself to be marry to a woman who screams the “Michael Jackson…” during sex.

- Lovely love story about her and her husband first meeting. When they first met Dimond was actually married already - but on the last legs of her marriage. Dimond ran out when they were first supposed to meet for a drink. Then she called back, Dimond said "I had to leave, you were too tempting." Enough of this already.

Sneddon….watch out…

- Husband talks about reporting on the war and what his job now. Shares stories about stories, et cetera.

Did you meet Jay Jackson over there? He fights the war in Iraq, but couldn’t protect his own family from a kidnapping.

- Dimond talks about the OJ case being one of the first to be televised as it was. Says that the lawyers found out how exciting it was to be on television and how star struck everyone was. Says some of the Jackson jurors admitted they went home to watch the news and such.

And they still didn’t buy all your spinning! lol

- Palanker said when she was on the stand she could tell just how excited all these jurors were to be there because they were star struck. She said especially "Roly Poly Curly" -- I believe she is referring to Melissa H.. (Funny, I thought all the reporters talked about how serious and poker-faced the jurors were, Palanker must have a sixth sense).

They were excited about who? Palanker? LOL

- Dimond says that 5-6 jurors were diehard Michael Jackson fans -- according to one of the jurors (Hultman or Cook).

You have to excuse the verdict somehow! lol

- Dimond says that Hultman talked to her after the verdict and said "I think he's a pedophile" but said that during deliberation all the other jurors explained everything in a different way and that caused reasonable doubt. Dimond said at that time she wanted to just shake him and say, "no no, that's not reasonable doubt".

I am sure you want to “shake” a lot of things.

- Dimond says that the jurors admitted they didn't know what they were doing when they went in to deliberation. Talks about celebrities that were acquitted from OJ to Blake to Jackson. Palanker's pal says maybe people need to just learn logic.

Yes, logic is something one learns but not after been conned out of 20,000 dollars.

- Palanker talks about the family doing "bizarre things" back when Gavin was ill, and that she's had people come up and ask her if maybe Michael is a pedophile but didn't molest Gavin. She says no, he molested Gavin too no matter how much weird stuff went on with the family.

The defendant was Michael Jackson, it doesn’t matter who the family is…he’s always guilty right? He looks like a zombie, your brain stops looking at him like a human being right Palanker?

- Dimond can't understand how jurors could think he was a pedophile in a previous case but not this one. Talks about how male pedophiles will offend 'til the day they die and have an estimated 500 victims.

That’s exactly why Michael Jackson is not a pedophile…lol

- Discussion about pedophiles and their actions. The "ripple effect" when one is molested, he goes on to molest.

At times.

- Talk about the "smeer campaign" against Gavin. Dimond says that even if you believe Michael is innocent, Gavin was still victimized by adults one way or the other, so how can you attack him now on the Internet?

Poor Gavin, poor cancer patient! lol get another pity line.

- Palanker says either Michael Jackson fans or people in the Jackson camp created a blog on BlogSpot. They found out who Gavin was on MySpace, found out the name he's using at school, and created a blog. Blog began by claiming that they were Gavin and they went to his MySpace account, e-mailed all his friends with a link to their blog, and they revealed his identity. Gavin was just starting to feel comfortable and safe enough to put up a MySpace page which every kid just has to do these days (umm, no they don't). They put up pictures of themselves, but somebody swooped in and figured out it was him, they are posting horribly salaciously, vicious, malicious, untruths as Gavin and taking swipes at Dimond and me.

Are you describing your book Diane?

- Dimond says the State of California knew that the family was going to be the target of a lot of unwanted attention. They put them in a program to give them new names and a new living location. They went to this school for about a year, nobody knew who he was, living his life -- this cancer survivor, and then somebody comes in and does this to him. It's just unconscionable. And putting pictures of him up too, that inferiorities me.

I love how Diane and Palanker put this family on such a pedestal! The world wants to protect this poor family right? LOL

- Palanker says, pictures of him, pictures of Star, pictures of Janet. In their football uniform so you know what school they go to. and goes on an on about how fantastic Gavin is, how great he is in school, and so on.

Gavin is the second coming of GOD!

- Dimond and Palanker say they see it as saying, "here's where I am (pretending to be Gavin) - come get me!"

No really.

- Palanker says the FBI is definitely looking into it. There's a good man who's been in touch with Ron and Janet and feels very strongly about this. So that's what's going on.

I hope the FBI has better things to do…LMAO

- Palanker talks about how the kid survived so much from cancer to testifying about the things he said.

Palanker you’re such a sucker.

- Dimond says Gavin's description of events and behaviors at Neverland match the stories of other young boys who didn't have the guts to come forward.

Everything MATCHED 100%! Right Diane? LOL

- Palanker says Janet is the one mom who didn't turn away. It's so infuriorating because she wants the best for these kids.

The best for her kids includes making them lie under oath; she wants riches for her kids! I am sure of that. Look where they live ALAMITOS, CALIFORNIA!

- Dimond says as a reporter all she can do is lay out the "facts" and stuff.

That would apply to REAL reporters Diane, not a tabloid sucker like you.

- Talk about Christmas. Dimond's husband is Jewish, so is Palanker. They are tired of all these Christmas wars happening about greeting and so forth.

Stop making Jewish people look bad!

- Talk about what "search words" Dimond and her husband last entered. Dimond's last search was for a gift for her husband, her husband's last search was "Be Careful Who You love" to see how her book is doing (I'm sure he wasn't impressed ).

How about be careful who you hate?

- Dimond's most important technical device is a phone taping machine to record conversations. And second, her Blackberry which she calls her Crackberry. Neither her nor her husband play and video games.

Diane, your most important technical device is your mouth on something hard!

- Palanker talks about the Amazon reviews of her book and how some are honest, and some are from people who never read the book. She read some of the "good" reviews to Dimond and makes fun of the negative reviews. Dimond said something like, you can tell they are fans and that they never read the book because they spell words wrong.

I really enjoyed Stacy Brown’s review!

- Dimond says she'll have to do this again sometime if she gets another job in the area. Book plug, apparently Palanker was/is part of Dimond's "book tour". Her husband is the one who gave her the name for her book as they were going through lyrics. Dimond lied again by saying that "The King of Pop was Michael's own invention." Tries to talk about the deep meaning behind her book's title. More plugs. Says her King of Pop was Elvis Presley. Palanker says Elvis was different than Michael because he "only harmed himself."

Well, Palanker Priscilla Presley would highly disagree with you, especially with her memories of sucking Elvis' dick when she was 14 years old! You can also check out her book "Elvis and Me" where she pretty much talks about the nights Elvis raped her! Elvis only harmed himself? Sure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before this moron says that Priscilla said she gave Elvis head at 14 and that Priscilla said Elvis raped her, she should at least read the book herself instead of going on hearsay.

Priscilla said that before Elvis married her(she was much older than 14)she was begging him to have intercourse with her, and he refused, saying that they could do other things, but not that. She does not specify what they did, but SHE was the aggressor!

The so called "RAPE" scene is a lie too. Priscilla never said that Elvis forced himself on her. She said that just before she left him(because she was in the middle of an affair with her Karate teacher and was moving in with him) he called her up to his room in Las Vegas. She said "he took me rather roughly. It was uncomfortable".

That is all she said. She did not say that she had said no to him or that he forced himself on her. For it to be rape, the woman has to say no!

The truth is, it was Priscilla who had an affair very shortly after she married Elvis, and had a second one that lasted almost the whole duration of the marriage! She left Elvis to go live in with her boyfriend!

9:21 PM  
Anonymous THE NEWSBREAKER said...

Do your homework. I am not a publisher. I never knew the women you mentioned about the other book, and your site is so lame you need to lie.

Larry Garrison

7:01 PM  
Anonymous The True NEWSBREAKER said...

WOW "Larry Garrison"
you're all talk?
This blog contains nothing but the whole truth.
you certainly need to see the truth.
nothing is a lie.
you're only lying to yourself

8:40 AM  
Blogger Haku said...

one difference between Michael Jackson and elvis is Michael hurted nothing and elvis did a lot of things.

People hurted Michael, and now he's gone. They killed him. He was the only one that was hurt, not by himself but others.

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson

2:40 AM  

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