Friday, December 09, 2005

The Reason Why Michael Jackson was found "NOT GUILTY "...

according to Diane *I am as unbiased as Tom Sneddon is handsome* Dimond, the reason why the jurors in the case returned 14 NOT GUILTYs is because they were 'confused' and 'star struck'. Hmmmmm...I'm wondering which part they were most confused about, Diane. Was it the part where our protector of Michael Jackson pedophelia 'victims', Tom Sneddon, told the jurors that Macaulay Culkin, Wade Robson, and Brett Barnes were molested by Michael Jackson, only to have them get on the stand and state the EXACT OPPOSITE? Or was it the part where our "SANTA BARBARA D.A. OF THE MILLENIUM', Tom Sneddon, told them that Debbie Rowe would get on the stand and say all sorts of incriminating things about Jackson only to have her get up there and cry and swoon over how wonderful Michael is and how after dating him no one else could ever compare? Perhaps it was the comedy in the case that confused the jurors the most. You know the part where Macaulay vehemently denies being molested and the world's most honorable man, Tom Sneddon, says that Macaulay only THINKS he wasn't molested because Michael molested him IN HIS SLEEP! Unfortunately for Cold Man Tom Sneddon, Macaulay Culkin doesn't have the IQ of 23 like the grifters Uncle Tom picked off the street to falsely accuse Michael Jackson and he replied with 'I think something like that would wake me up'. Thank you Macaulay Culkin. Or maybe the jurors were confused by the fact that the prosecution kept going on about what a compulsive pedophile Jackson is, yet, all they found in his house was quite a large collection of HETEROSEXUAL PORNOGRAPHY. THe prosecution claimed that Jackson used the hetero porn to 'seduce' Gavin. At which point the jury must have asked themselves 'is this the same Gavin that said that he had doubts about his sexuality and was seen leaning his head on Michael's shoulder in the Living With Michael Jackson Documentary?' It's kind of hard to 'seduce' a homosexual with hetero porn, dont you think, Diane? I think instead of writing fictional stories about what you fantasize Michael Jackson doing to boys, you should rethink your stance on why Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY of ALL THE BOGUS CHARGES YOUR TOMMY BOY WORKED TEN YEARS ON! Maybe then you will come out of the denial phase and realize that you can't ruin Michael Jackson no matter how many people you pay to lie, how many grifters you make false promises to to get them to lie, or how many people you blackmail into accusing Michael Jackson of bullshit. Everyone knows the truth, Diane, even you. The only person you're fooling is yourself. Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY, because he is NOT GUILTY.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diane Dimond as unbiased as Sneddon is handsome, lol, that's hilarious.

7:06 PM  
Blogger losal23 said...

there goes my pop! thanx a lot! that was some good sunkist, too.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian Loren, stop being mean. Take some time and talk to your real dad. Don't drop out of Laurel High School. Be a good busy bee!

12:18 PM  

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