Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Soto Street...

My family once had this disgusting apartment on Soto Street, in East LA, where we would take our victims; people we intended to con. We didn’t live in that apartment, we only had it for show and tell....we’d show people that apartment, and then we’d tell them that we were poor. We fooled so many people, I wasn’t able to keep count of how many, but there were heaps. All the people that we took to that apartment, would then give us gifts and money. Here are some of my favorite "we fooled them" memories:

One time, a lady brought us a turkey for Christmas, because we told her that we were poor, and my mommy got angry at her. My mommy told her that we didn’t want the turkey, we wanted money. I don’t know why, but that lady never came back.

Another time, my mommy wanted me and my brother to take dance lessons, and my mommy told the owners of the dance studio that we were poor, so they gave us free lessons....that was around the time my mommy, me, my brother, and my real daddy got money from JCPenney’s.

We also got money and gifts from actor Chris Tucker and his girlfriend, because we told them that we were poor.

Comedians George Lopez and Louise Palanker, along with weather presenter Fritz Coleman, gave us too many things to mention, but most importantly, Louise Palanker gave us $20,000; we once tried to move in with her, but she wouldn't let us.

Some local police officers even raised money for us after I showed them my cancer scars, and we told them that we were poor.

We have fooled so many people, gosh, it’s unbelievable....but true. And the entire time that we were fooling all the people we fooled, Michael (Jackson, aka, King of Pop) was paying for my medical bills, even though I had no medical bills (but Michael didn’t know that 'cause we lied to him), and he was sending me and my family whatever we wanted; some of Michael’s friends gave us money, too....we told them all that we were poor. But I don’t know what’s happened to all that money. I think my mommy spent most of it on votive candles, and my brother spent the rest at McDonald’s. My brother eats a lot!!


Blogger pyt in nyc said...

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Blogger pyt in nyc said...

man what a bunch of sick bastards.
wait- janut wanted him AND his
brother to take dance class? wooooo
imagine that little butterball
dancing like the pig he is LOL!!!

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