Sunday, December 25, 2005

Will the real Louise Palanker please stand up?

Palanker Shady

I am confused as to which Louise Palanker should we believe the one who was caught on tape trashing the Arvizos, or the one who pretends to care a lot about the Arvizos. Which one should we believe? The one on tape calling Janet crazy and bipolar? The one on tape saying Gavin sounded coached to her? The one on tape saying the family is as wacky as they want to be? The one who never tried to help Janet when Janet asked for help when she was "kidnapped..." by "someone." (Perhaps because Janet was only setting up an alibi for the future lawsuit, which Sneddon ruined) Why didn't you help her Louise? How come you didn't care then? Why do you care now? Attention? Do you enjoy the attention this has brought to you? Which Palanker should we believe? The one who didn't know she was been taped by the police, or the one who pretends she would jump in front of a truck for the Arvizos? You don’t give three craps about the Arvizos and the Palanker caught on tape proved it. Two faced Louise Palanker. Yes, that's right.

If you want to contact Palanker and remind her of her lies...give it a try


Blogger pyt in nyc said...

louise palanker... doesn't she suffer from multiple personalities?

2:01 PM  
Blogger Anti-Jacko Crowd said...

Do you believe Elvis Presley slept with a 13-year-old girl.


A guy who goes by "willneverforgett" on Yahoo asks that quite often. Actually, he doesn't ask it; he declares it as true.

He's a Jacko fan who liked to divert attention from the molestation charges, much like many Jacko fans liked to do. Why is that?

8:06 PM  
Blogger losal23 said...

well when u watch entertainment tonight and they talk about scott bairstow and how he was caught on TWO trap phone calls that admitted he raped his 12 yrold neice and all he got was six months in JAIL and had to pay a fine....then they cue in to 'THE MICHAEL JACKSON CASE' like there's no irony present, it makes u wonder....

y isn't woody allen as hated? elvis? r kelly? i can go on and on and on....

it's called a double standard and it's not fair. if a child is a victim, then the alleged abuser should be fully prosecuted.

if that happened w/ every celeb, maybe people wouldn't be so up in arms about the treatment michael gets/got

9:48 AM  
Blogger Anti-Jacko Crowd said...

I think people go to the Jacko case because it's the highest-profile molestation case around, probably trumping even Roman Polanski and his cowardice. I don't know that R. Kelly had $20-30 million to buy his way out of being taped, and Gary Glitter supposedly paid "only" $4,000 in hush money to keep his "alleged" victims quiet.

But to refer to such a high-profile case is valid in the sense that all angles on child molestation have probably been covered in the news as addenda to the Jacko case, so the public is most likely aware of all that because of the coverage.

10:09 AM  

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