Sunday, January 15, 2006

The 1993 settlement myths

How much did Michael Jackson settled the 1993 lawsuit filed against him by Evan Chandler? We've heard 50, 40, 30, 20 million. For some reason the media has never been able to get the exact number of the settlement. Diane Dimond known for her antics to try to make anything Michael Jackson even bigger than what it was, leaked the actual documents. In the documents one find many interesting things. For example, in the document Michael Jackson denies ever having any sexual contact with Jordan Chandler. And to make things even more interesting, the parents of Jordan Chandler, Evan and June Chandler agreed to that denial. Here that part of the document:

Also, in the document it actually says the Chandlers can only speak of the case in a court of law. For 10 years the media has been spreading the lie that the settlement somehow stopped the Chandlers from testifying against Jackson. Another myth destroyed by the factual document.

another myth that the settlement was for more than 30 million when in fact it was only 15,331,250, both Evan and June Chandler obtained 1.5 million while Larry Feldman obtained 3 million and 10% of the settlement which would bring his earnings to 5 million dollars.

And how much Jordan Chandler got? The most he could've gotten was 8 million dollars. Who leaked this private document? The only party that had this particular document was Lisa Marie Presley's attorney at the time. So who gave it to Diane Dimond? Hmmm.


Entire document here:


Blogger losal23 said...

u forget the BIGGEST myth!

mijack didn't pay a damn dime! it was all paid for by his insurance. im ASSuming his homeowner's insurance.

once they dropped the 'sexual claims' in the original civil suit and re-drafted another which listed only 'negligence' his insurance company settled....against the wishes of him and his defense.

oh, how i love defense motions

8:21 AM  
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