Monday, January 16, 2006

Bad mothers wear wigs too...

In the latest book from my Godmother Diane *spinderella* Dimond writes the other reporter who covered the Michael Jackson case on Court TV, I believe her name is Savannah or how we all know her as the less obnoxious reporter on Court TV. It seems like Savannah met June Chandler at some airport after the verdict and June Chandler said to her she believed Michael Jackson will “do it” again. I've decided to write a nice little thing about that nice little comment.

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Why didn’t you think of that when you signed that settlement and obtained a million dollars?

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?


Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Every penny you’ve spent, you never thought of that?

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Why didn’t you think of that when your own son divorced from you?

Do it again…will Michael Jackson do it again?

Why didn’t you think of that when you kept trying to fool Michael Jackson into giving you money. Why didn't you think of that when you signed this document?

It didn’t matter if he would “do it” again when you put that signature on that document that made you rich? Right? You sold your son’s soul. And what do you have now? A house, nice hair, but no SON.


Blogger losal23 said...

how funny is that comment? especially when she's accepting gifts from the man who allegedly was molesting her son!

wasn't it her own divorce lawyer who quit when he was disgusted b/c she didn't believe the allegations but went along w/ them when evan threatened her?

8:22 AM  
Blogger HIStory94 said...

June is a stunning liar! A former model that would be perfect for Oil of Olay! She was caught in lie after lie reading her transcripts but every liar loves the words "I don't recall". The woman has no integrity or morals she's a horrible mother and a disgusting excuse for a human being whoring her son and her personal problems to a superstar while she was married. All the trips she went on with this man talking about her trust I wouldn't trust her with a dog! The woman is lower than scum and the nerve of her to make such a comment. Well at least he still have his children unlike her who hasn't spoken to her son in 11 years says alot to me! Her ex husbands so horrible yet joins forces with them. She didn't sue Michael yet her name is listed as a plantiff, should I go on about that harlot?

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Laura Livelsberger said...

i got the faggot gavin's number.

call this little mother fucker because we aint scared of this little shit

678 326 2576

5:29 PM  
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Anonymous jan said...

If June Chandler was chocolate she would lick herself to death. She wanted MJ for herself you can see she was encouraging MJ to be a father figure to her Jordan and his sister. When it backfired on her she changed her story. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Laura Livelsberger. You only got his number after you made out with him and let him feel your triple nipples.

You think he hasn't changed his number?

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chandler's did their part, they exposed Michael Jackson for what he was, a pedophile. Look what happened to the freak after the settlement. It was over, everyone knew it was guilty.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


lol at your stupid comment.asshole. look what happenet to Evan Chandler 6 months after MJ's death. He killed himself. The money that he tried so hard to take didn't weren't useful afterall. He died alone and miserable.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well if Savannah ran into June ,what do you think June would day..".the jury was right ..i am a gold digging fame whore who stole money from an innocent man...and the Francia and Aviso grifter were copycats,pulling the same scam with the same d.a., and civil atty ,....Sneddon and Feldman" because that is pretty much what the jury said.....wonder who she tried to whore her daughter out to after Jordan sh@itcanned her and

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Sue Adams said...

You all think it's funny/'satirical' (W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R!) to bitch Michael up the wall when he's dead and can't defend himself any more?!

I wouldn't be surprised to learn Gavin faked his cancer all along to go along with the benefit welfare extortionists that comprised he and his family!

As per Frank Cascio's excerpt from his new book re Michael Jackson:-

About the Arvizo's..."We were all doing our best to clear the air, but aside from these efforts, I have to say that the Arvizos were a handful to have around. They were rude and disrespectful. The children drove golf carts wildly around the property, crashing them into things. (I guess they mistook Neverland for the bumper car pavilion.) The behavior of Gavin's mother, Janet, was erratic. She was either demanding to be chauffeured somewhere or locked up in her room all day, ordering various services from the staff....

Janet Arvizo's bizarre behavior became a subject of concern for me and Vinnie. The first cause of alarm came when she approached Vinnie and accused one of Michael's business advisers of sexual harassment.

"He wanted to sleep with me," she told Vinnie. "He was all over me, ask anyone." Vince came to me deeply concerned. It was a shocking and upsetting accusation, and he and I took it very seriously. When we started to investigage, however, talking to the accused and to the people who Janet claimed had seen the adviser's behavior, it quickly became evident that nothing had happened.

Another time I went to Outback Steakhouse with Janet and her three kids when the two boys announced that they wanted to be in the movies when they grew up.

"Do well in school," I told them, "and one day we'll help you fulfill your dreams."

Then Davelin, their sister, declared, "I want to be a dentist." Janet leaned over and whispered in the girl's ear, and suddenly Davelin started to cry. Then, in a somewhat less than convincing manner, she announced, "I want to be an actress, too." I had no idea how soon all the Arvizo children would be practicing their acting skills.

Soon thereafter, Vinnie was at a mall with Janet and her three children, Gavin, Star, and Davelin. They saw some celebrity pass by and suddenly Janet was galvanized into action.

"Gavin!" she called. "Gavin, go up to him and tell him who you are. Tell him you're the kid in the Michael Jackson video."

Gavin wasn't especially eager to do this, and turning to Vinnie, he said, "I don't want to go up to someone I don't know and tell him I'm friends with Michael Jackson." He successfull stalled until the celebrity had disappeared into a store. But Vinnie told me the story later. Janet clearly liked her children to cultivate friendships with celebrities. All I can say is that it was gross." From "My Friend Michael" by Frank Cascio

9:26 AM  

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