Saturday, January 21, 2006

Diane Dimond the obsessed stalker?

Diane Dimond on the defensive! Oh, I like that! What’s going on Diane? Can’t handle the truth? I hear you’re pretty angry about this line "...But some are much weaker. Michael Jackson’s near-stalker Diane Diamond’s stomach-churning title Be Careful Who You Love hit the checkout scanner just 5,000 times." Well, let’s compare other journalists covering the MJ case at the same time as you. Let’s see. Did you ever see any other so called professional journalists befriending the families that accused Mr. Jackson? Did you ever see any journalists with such close relationships with the prosecution? Did you ever see any journalist buying a fedora because they thought it was worn by Mr. Jackson?

Did you ever see any real journalists getting sued by Mr. Jackson and then having Tom Sneddon come to their rescue? Did you ever see any journalists much biased against any subject than you’ve been against Mr. Jackson in the last 10 years? Yes, Diane it is STOMACH turning because your obsession with Mr. Jackson is obvious to anyone but the family you’ve created based on your obsession with Mr. Jackson: Tom *obsessed with Mr. Jackson* Sneddon, Ray *greedy ass* Chandler, The *grifters* Arvizos, Louise *ugly as a monkey’s ass* Palanker, all your friends share one thing: greed, hate and revenge. So allegedly you may not only be a near stalker, but a woman who lives her life through Mr. Jackson.

Great comment from Abert:

Diane wasn't doing much reporting AT ALL between each criminal investigation of Michael Jackson. The hater disappeared from radar after Hard Copy was kicked to the curb up until she started getting called to comment on....guess who, MICHAEL JACKSON. Anyone with half a brain knows that her various "jobs" reporting on anything are dependant upon her Michael Jackson "exclusives".....she wouldn't have been made "editor" of the Michael Jackson case on Court TV if Tom Sneddon and company hadn't been whispering in her ear the whole time. The witch has an uncanny ability for hitting the scene right before any allegations against Michael Jackson break in the mainstream media. Like Tom Sneddon, she's like a beast waiting in the wings for her prey to come into target.....if that ain't a stalker, what is?A tad defensive isn't she?....truth hurts I guess.


Blogger Unbreakable J said...

LMAO!! so true lol

12:58 PM  
Blogger invincible said...

Why does Diane Dimond always look so glum? Can't her husband get it up?

5:17 PM  
Blogger HIStory94 said...

Diane Dimond can't live without knowing SOMETHING about Michael Jackson. He is her bread and butter and without Michael she will go insane!

7:45 AM  
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