Friday, January 13, 2006

The Diane Dimond Story: A love that was not returned

It was a beautiful day in 1993 and Diane Dimond met the love of her life. The man that would keep her attention and panties wet for almost a decade: Michael Joseph Jackson. This is not the typical love story as you can see, Mr. Jackson has no idea Diane Dimond is cheating on her husband with the 1,800 dollar fedora Spinderella, I mean Diane bought as memorabilia to be closer to the love of her life Michael Jackson. However, this love story hasn't always being all pretty, Mr. Jackson sued Diane Dimond along with a pervert reporter from Chile in the mid 90s, for you know, spreading lies... I think since that lawsuit Diane's love just hasn't being the same! I'd love to pay tribute to that love story and I've put together a little reminder of all the bitter lies Diane Dimond has told about her unreturned love Michael Jackson. Some of the most compelling quotes from Diane that were proven to be dogshit in the trial. Thanks Diane for all the laugh! We pity you.

"I think you're gonna hear a compelling timeline case from the prosecution: 'Here's how this family met him.

*Which timeline Diane? Timeline number 1, number 2, or number 3? Because as you've failed to tell the public the timeline was changed many times.

Court TV reporter Diane Dimond believes Jackson's first accuser, who was just 12 years old at the time, is looking forward to telling his story to a jury.

"From what I understand he is this close to agreeing to testify before the grand jury voluntarily," Dimond says. "He wants to do this."


* Too bad Jordan actually didn't show up! Another one of your lies!

Remember the alleged Jackson love letters? Remember Diane Dimond going around on TV saying Michael Jackson had written Gavin Arvizo a bunch of love letters?

This is Diane Dimond on Larry King spreading the love letters story:

(CROSSTALK)KING: Wait a minute! Hold it!…

(CROSSTALK)KING: Do we -- hold it! Does anyone here -- does anyone here -- anyone -- know of the existence of these letters?

COCHRAN: I don't. I mean, I think that's...

DIMOND: Absolutely. I do.
COCHRAN: ... again, speculation.
COCHRAN: I don't know of this.
KING: Hold it!…
DIMOND: I absolutely know of their existence!
(CROSSTALK)KING: Diane, have you read them?
DIMOND: No, I have not read them, but I absolutely know that that... was tops on the list of the DA and sheriff's department, things to look for inside Neverland. Listen, Larry...
KING: But you don't know what they say.
DIMOND: ... these are letters that are written in Michael Jackson's hand. They are said to be -- no, I've not read them, but...
KING: OK. Well, then...
DIMOND: ... they -- they went after them because they're said to be so sensational and so salacious in nature...
KING: Yes, but how...DIMOND: ... that this could be a key to the prosecution...KING: I see. Now, let me...
DIMOND: ... if and when this goes to trial.(see Larry King Live: Dimond talk about " love letters " (Nov 24 2003))

Remember that Diane? How come you didn't give your viewers an update on those love letters? Did you tell them that the letters they've found were from Gavin to Michael and NOT FROM Michael to Gavin? LMAO What a pathetic excuse for a human being: Diane *spinderella* Dimond. I feel sorry for your children and grandchildren.

Who can forget this one:

"I am 99.9% sure Jordan Chandler is going to testify against Michael Jackson"

I am 99.9% sure you're full of shit DIANE! lol

Let's look at the bright side, let's look at the things Diane has actually told the truth on:

*MJ videotape of sex with boys - oh sorry that wasn't true either!
*MJ love letters to boys - They turned out to be false as well...
*Debbie Rowe "bombshell witness for the state" - I am sure Sneddon still biting his little penis for calling Rowe.
*Dr. Stan Katz "bombshell witness for the state" - He kind of contradicted everything the accusers said, why? because the accusers told him a different story!
*Bob Jones "bombshell witness for the state" - Jones who is an alleged pedophile himself couldn't even stand behind the lie he told to sell that BEST SELLING book of his? What's the name again? I bet you don't know either.
*Rudy P - "bombshell witness for the state" - He was absolutely fascinating to watch because after he took the stand the conspiracy made even less sense.
*Chris Carter - "bombshell witness for the state" - the robber?
*Mac Culkin - nope - I remember Diane trying to spin about Culkin not testifying, she knew Culkin would be bad for her case and yes he turned out to be PRETTY BAD for the prosecution and great for the defense!
*Brett Barnes - nope - Brett the same Brett Diane implies was molested, however went on stand and said HAS NEVER BEEN MOLESTED?
*Wade Robeson - The same Wade Diane implies was molested, however, went on the stand and said HAS NEVER BEEN MOLESTED?

"Sadly" for us CourtTV fired Diane Dimond on Michael Jackson's birthday as if to say: You're a tabloid reporter and you will die a tabloid reporter. You're nothing without Michael Jackson. I prefer to say Diane is is a free fall and everybody is waiting to hear the SPLAT!

I believe CourtTV gave us that splat!

*claps hands together in a splat type motion*

On Michael's birthday of all days....


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