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Diane **spinderella** Dimond has landed...

Liz Smith from the New York Post (AKA Gossip Trash Queen)wrote this lovely piece about our beloved Diane Dimond. The article states Diane refuses to accept she hates Michael Jackson's guts and she is obviously very biased against him:

Liz Smith

January 4, 2006 -- DIANE DIMOND, formerly the Court TV diva and now a book
author: "Be Careful Who You Love - Inside the Michael Jackson Case"- insists that
she, herself, personally, has never, ever implied that she thinks Michael
Jackson "got away with it" by being found not guilty in his child molestation trial.
She doesn't give opinions, she says, and should never be lumped in with what
other Court TV personalities have said about Michael. Ms. Dimond says
Jackson "minions and fans" have "distorted what I've said."

Fine. I will only note, as I have since the 1993 charges against Michael Jackson
surfaced, that Ms. Dimond does not have a poker face. What she believes is there
for the world to see. She says she never condemned Michael in words. In that
she stands virtuously, and virtually, alone.

And thanks to the lovely TSCM who took the time to answer Diane's biggest lie yet "I am not biased..." crap she spreads around.

No, and she also doesn't give the other side of any story or piece of evidence that allegedly points to Michael's guilt . it aggravates me to no end that nobody has ever sat down with her and called her out point-by-point for all of her biased and false reporting.

Where's that DNA evidence you said was found, Diane? Where's those love letters you knew positively existed, Diane? Can people really not reach a 911 operator from inside Neverland, Diane? Where's that 27-minute child sex video, Diane? Why did you claim that Christian Robinson amongst other witnesses had flipped on the defense when they actually hadn't, Diane? Were Bob Jones, Debbie Rowe, and Rudy Provencio truly bombshell witnesses for the prosecution, Diane? Why have you only conducted interviews with people on the prosecution side, Diane? How come Ron Zonen was at your book signing, Diane? Why did you tend to skip over full blocks of Thomas Mesereau's direct and cross-examination, Diane? Why did you try to come up with your own wild theories as to why Gavin and Star might not be lying on the stand when all the evidence said they were? Why were you so somber looking after Michael was acquitted of all charges against him? Why do you feel that Michael was acquitted because of "celebrity" when in reality all of the jurors explained point-by-point exactly why they acquitted him and celebrity was ruled out as a factor very early on, Diane? Why are you so outraged about the blog exposing the Arvizos but yet could care less about all the sites out there spreading false information about Michael Jackson, Diane? Why are the major sources in your book tabloid sell-outs who were proven to be absolutely un-credible on the stand? Why in your book do you continuously cite only "prosecution and Chandler sources"? Why did you say on national television that you believe Michael is dangerous? Why did you go on a tabloidish show to speak about Michael having fake noses, false teeth, and wigs all based on another 1108 witness that admitted to having lied time-and-time again under oath in the past.

Those are some of the questions I can't believe nobody has asked Dimond yet. I'm dying to hear her answers.

PS. if you want facts in a non-satirical format you should check out thanks GILESMIC!

gilesmic said...
For those interested, the court motions relevant to the update below on the blog can be found here:

This motion talks about the statements Davellin made about her family, etc.

This motion talks about Davellin's and Angel's "quasi-sexual" relationship


Blogger rednecksneddon said...

I love how Diane's brain is finally imploding. Must hurt like hell to be fired from court tv and no media outlet wants to associated with a pschotic racist whore.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Janet Ventura Arvizo Jackson said...

Diane was a shining star in my life, a real inspiration to me and my stealing, conning, scamming, molested, kidnapped, shop lifting family. She helped me through so many hard times, she was my voice on the outside, she defended me even when i performed badly on the stand. She defended Anton and always made him out to be a real angel.

I will never forget you Diane

5:54 PM  
Blogger LIARvizo said...

If I was Diane Dimond I'd be feeling like OOOOOOUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHH after reading that bit!!!

7:38 PM  
Blogger gilesmic said...

Didn't Diane Dimond pay $1000 or more for a fedora that Michael signed?

I think she is more obsessed with him than most fans are. If she is really a "journalist" then I would like to know what other story she has followed in the past 10 years with the same energy and effort she has put into Michael Jackson.

The trial is over Diane, move on.

9:42 PM  
Blogger rednecksneddon said...

Diane always tries to claim that she passionately reported on politics and other topics with the same drive. Of course she is full of it, what was interesting is that not only did she get fired on August 29, 2005 from court tv but that at first they all claimed it was amicable but as time has gone by the Demon has gotten angrier and angrier with the alienation of nobody picking her up on a full time basis. Has to hurt like hell to see people like her buddy Nancy DisGrace have their own shows no matter how vulgar Tweety Bird is and all the Demon can do is wine to the tabloid that she used to work for her who are now mocking her, LOL gotta love it!

4:30 AM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

nice article by liz smith. i ripped it out of the ny post and wipped my ass with it.

1:00 PM  
Blogger losal23 said...

how funny was it that she was canned on mike's birthday?

very poetic....

3:36 PM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

yeah, losal. that was the most awesome b-day present mike got.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I would ver much love to read this piece on Diane Dimond (demon) by Liz Smith but I canĀ“t find it anywhere on the internet...If you have it could ypou plz post it?

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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