Saturday, January 14, 2006

Greed i$ a bitch...

In 2004, after realizing they weren't going to get any money from MJ the Greedy Team: Larry Feldman and Janet Arvizo decided to file a lawsuit against the Department of Children Services for allegedly leaking a memo, which stated the Arvizos had denied any abuse from Jackson. Larry Feldman then appeared on the Today Show and talked about his anger at the fact the memo was leaked. And he felt it violated the rights of his clients The Arvizos. As many of us know Larry Feldman was also the same lawyer that represented The Chandlers in 1993 and obtained a 15 million dollar settlement in which he kept 5 million dollars. However, sadly for Feldman the 2003 scam didn't go as well as the 1993 scam. He figured all the effort and money he put into the Arvizos he may as well sue someone or some entity. And that entity happened to be the Department of Children Services in Los Angeles. I don't understand why Janet Arvizo was so angry or at least she says at the fact the memo was leaked. Why wasn't she angry at all the salacious stories leaked by the National Enquirer that places her son in sexual positions with an adult? Wouldn't Janet as a mother and adult be more angry at those leaks? Why not sue the National Enquirer? Perhaps because they were the ones who sold those stories to the National Enquirer? Who knows. If Feldman was angry about the rights of his clients been violated, how come he wasn't angry at all the leaks that placed a teenage boy having sex with a man? Was it because the memo had information that proved their allegations of molestation, false imprisonment and kidnapping were all lies? I am sure that was it. Greed is a bitch. Sadly for Feldman, I believe he will die a horrible death. I don't believe for a minute God will allow The Chandlers, The Arvizos, The Francias and Larry Feldman to get away with what they did.


Blogger Unbreakable J said...

Such and easy question with such an obvious answer.
great update as usual ;)

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Blogger invincible said...

Maybe Larry Feldman will stab himself to death, like his dubious partner-in-crime Dr. Richard Gardner.

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