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Molested before or after, after or before, or in between?

Daniel Jackson (Star Arvizo) and Anton Jackson (Gavin Arvizo) from Alamitos High School

After the documentary the Arvizo family was visited by the Los Angeles Department of Children Services, the family was interviewed and they denied any type of abuse. The family then went to their first civil attorney, Mr. Dickerman then sent them to Larry Feldman who then sent them to Stan Katz. What the family told Stan Katz would dramatically be different from what they later told the police. Many people believe that Gavin Arvizo was the only person in the Arvizo family who has accused Jackson of molestation. In fact in their original complaint the Arvizos also accused Jackson of molesting Star Arvizo. In their original complaint Jackson was also accused of providing alcohol to the three Arvizo teenagers: Gavin, Star and Davellin. However, Jackson was never charged with such. Why? Who knows, ask Tom Sneddon. Perhaps Gavin made a better victim? Many of you know Michael was charged with a crime, but many of you do not know the details of the complaint. Originally, Gavin Arvizo stated Michael Jackson had molested him before the documentary that however was later changed to after the documentary. When the family talked to the cops the timeline of the molestation was not only changed but Star Arvizo was no longer claiming he was molested by Mr. Jackson. The timeline then stated Jackson had molested Gavin after the Department of Children Services had visited the family. Why did the timeline changed so much? In my personal opinion it has to do with the fact Mr. Michael was not around his home during the time Gavin originally claimed he was molested. Jackson was in the state of Florida. Originally, on December 18, 2003
Jackson was charged with:

However, a grand jury was later called and the original charges were thrown out and Jackson was then charged with:

Here are the official indictment documents found at

The initial complaint filed on DECEMBER 18th, 2003 charged Michael with SEVEN counts of molestation between FEBRUARY 7th and MARCH 10th 2003; in addition to TWO counts of intoxicating Gavin with intent to molest between FEBRUARY 20th and MARCH 10th 2003.

The indictment filed on APRIL 21st, 2004 charged Michael with ONE count of conspiracy with 28 overt-acts between FEBRUARY 1st and MARCH 31st, 2003; in addition to FOUR counts of molestation between FEBRUARY 20th and MARCH 12th, 2003; in addition to ONE count of attempted lewd act between FEBRUARY 20th and MARCH 12th, 2003; in addition to FOUR counts of intoxicating Gavin with intent to molest between FEBRUARY 20th and MARCH 12th, 2003.

written by TSCM

In other words the actual molestation counts decreased from the time Gavin spoke to the cops to the time Gavin spoke to the grand jury. Confusing? It shouldn't be, if you believe this family is telling the truth, correct? Let's review three of the MAJOR things that changed during the case:

***Star alleged molestation
***Gavin 24/7 pill popping/drunkenness
***Star description of what he saw Mr. Jackson do to his brother.

Let's get into that a little bit. Star Arvizo originally said Mr. Jackson put his penis on Gavin's butt, however, he denied ever saying that during his testimony. He blames that story on the court reporter who according to Star typed it wrong. The point is before their story ended up with the cops it was a very different story, before their story ended up with the grand jury it was also a different story, and before the story ended up with the JURY whom acquitted Mr. Jackson the story was different as well. So who says differences hurt? It sure didn't hurt Mr. Jackson.


Blogger Karyn'splace said...

See when you are not teling the truth it is hard to keep up with. The truth is not hard to remember but a lie is

6:14 AM  
Blogger pyt in nyc said...

"well, this happened, and then this happened, but first this..."(more lying)

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, she's giving us hispanics a bad name lol. I really hate them. u know that they called mj Daddy b4 the trial, y would they change all of a sudden? they are scum people

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