Thursday, January 12, 2006

My grandma and Michael Jackson the same person?

Q: Defense attorney Tom M
A: Gavin Anton Arvizo

13 Q. Do you remember being interviewed by the
14 Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department on a number of
15 occasions.
16 A. Yes.
17 Q. And do you remember who interviewed you.
18 A. Most likely Steve Robel or Paul Zelis.
19 Q. Do you remember being asked, “Before we get
20 started on the next set of questions, can you
21 describe to us what your opinion is, what you think
22 masturbation is.”
Do you remember one of the
23 sheriffs asked you that during an interview.
24 A. I believe so.
25 Q. And you knew those interviews were being
26 recorded, right.
27 A. Yes.
28 Q. Remember you said, “My grandma explained it 1798
1 to me. She told me that -- that your -- the only
2 reason is because like if -- if men don’t do it, men
3 might get to a point where they might go ahead and
4 rape a woman”.
Do you remember saying that to the
5 sheriffs.
6 A. I believe so.
7 Q. Why did your story change between that
8 interview and your testimony last Thursday.
9 A. Well, what do you mean “changed”.
10 Q.
Well, you told the police your grandmother
11 made that quote to you, and you came into court
12 under oath and told the jury Mr. Jackson made that
13 quote to you.

PS. Taken from official transcripts of testimony by Gavin Arvizo now known as Anton Jackson. Gavin had told the cops his grandmother had explained to him what would happen if he didn't masturbate. However, when Gavin took the stand during his direct testimony with the prosecution he told the jury it was Michael Jackson who told him what would happen if he didn't masturbate. When confronted with his lie Gavin said it just happen that his grandmother and Michael Jackson told him the same EXACT quote about masturbation. What are the chances of that? Lucky lucky Gavin! lol


Blogger invincible said...

As if Gavin Arvizo had to be told by anyone to masturbate..*rolls eyes*.

Only degenerates like Gavin and Star would even think of mentioning molesting a dog.

The Arvizos are disgusting!!

3:20 PM  

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