Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nancy Grace cares more about Jackson than dead boyfriend?

Besides the issue Nancy Grace allegedly profits from her boyfriend's death by exaggerating the events that occurred. Don't you feel sorry for Nancy? I feel sorry for the family of her boyfriend, for Nancy? Nope, I don't give a crap. I don't respect anybody that makes a career out of tragedy. That's beside the point though. On January 31, 2006 Nancy Grace dedicated over 20 minutes to a Michael Jackson story. In other words how to slander Mr. Jackson as much as possible in 20 minutes? Simply present the facts how I see them and not as they're. January 31, 2006 was also a sad day for America, we lost Coretta Scott King. And how many minutes did Grace dedicate to Mrs. King? I am going to tell you it wasn't 25 minutes. Of course Grace brought the usual suspects to get her Michael Jackson fix: Diane *stalker* Dimond, some loser from who probably failed the bar exam and Brian *I am addicted to a camera* Oxman. And for 20 plus minutes I saw what civilization has become: Celebrity driven. We give a stage to obsession and people obsessed with a particular celebrity as Nancy Grace and Dimond Dimond are, sickly obsessed with Michael Jackson's every move. I am guilty of that; this blog is guilty of that as well. I know there are major injustices around the world, yet, I chose one injustice to do a blog on: the biased and unfair treatment of Michael Jackson. I don't have the communicating power Grace has, I do not have 2 million people watching my blog or regurgitating at my commentary, Grace does. And she chose Michael Jackson over Coretta Scott King. I think she would've chosen Jackson over her dead boyfriend. Yes, I believe so. Dead boyfriends do not bring as much rating as Mr. Jackson. Right Nancy?


Blogger mjmisunderstood said...

Nancy disGRACE is an annoying parasite! Why does she always have the "I smell shit" look on her face? Why? No, really why? Can anyone please explain to me?

Her style of interview is´╗┐ so appalling and annoying. She is always disrespectful to everybody she has on her show. Everything about her just screams arrogance. She has no personality and no mannerism. She is always interrupting her guests when they speak and never let them finish their sentences. Who could ever hear the guests when she constantly shouts over them? It's always a one way conversation with her. Please can someone really slap her????

The only victims are the guests on her show. Blame it on the stupid idiot for still giving her the paycheck. What a dumb ass!!!

7:24 PM  
Anonymous jan said...

see her on dickipedia

9:11 AM  

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