Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pure coincidences

The only allegations ever made against Michael Jackson that have been taken serious by the so called authorities and some of the public...

1993 and 2003 Allegations


The Chandler$, the Francia$ and the Arvizo$

Players involved:

Larry Feldman civil attorney for The Chandlers, The Arvizos and initially for the Francias. Filed a lawsuit against Mr. Jackson in the middle of a criminal investigation. Demanded and settled for 20 million dollars in which he obtained 5 million dollars.

Stanley Katz Psychiatrist for both the Chandlers and the Arvizos. Katz had a legal contract in which it stated he was to obtain a percentage of any money Feldman obtained from Jackson.

Tom Sneddon, prosecutor for the three cases yet failed to file charges for Francia and Chandler. After 1993 Sneddon became obsessed with Michael Jackson; even appearing on a tabloid TV show Hard Copy to discuss one of Jackson's songs.

Diane Dimond tabloid journalist formerly reporter of tabloid TV show Hard Copy. Dimond was used to leak misinformation about the 2003 case. Dimond became involved with Mr. Jackson during the 1993 case. In the mid 90s Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierez were sued by Michael Jackson for claiming there was a video tape of Jackson having sex with a boy. Diane was taken out of the lawsuit after claiming journalism privilege. However, Diane's career suffered after the lawsuit. After such, Diane Dimond's only objective in life is to destroy Michael Jackson. Diane is so obsessed with Michael Jackson, she spent almost 2,000 dollars on a fedora she believed was worn by Jackson during his Billie Jean performances.

Pure coincidences


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