Monday, January 09, 2006

So how easy it is to make ridiculous accusations against Jackson and be believed?

Read the article below...LMAO


By DAVID K. LI Post Correspondent

January 9, 2006 -- SANTA ANA, Calif. — Michael Jackson, having licked kiddie-sex charges just months ago, has been quietly fighting molestation claims made by a young man who says Jackson forced him into cosmetic surgery and stole music he composed as a toddler, court documents say.

The accuser, 20, filed complaints against Jackson in a July 25 lawsuit that flew completely under the public radar — in part because the handwritten, paper-thin grievance included no details, or even a lawyer representing the plaintiff.

Then he hired lawyers from nearby Newport Beach on Oct. 11, and his civil action in Orange County Superior Court suddenly picked up new details and several additional co-defendants, including Jackson's corporate entity, Sony.

The accuser, whose name is being withheld by The Post, claimed he was sexually abused by Jackson from 1987, when he was 2, until Dec. 21, 1999 — and that The King of Pop's corporate handlers knew it was happening.
The amended complaint filed by lawyer Michael Mattern also alleged that Jackson was "subjecting plaintiff to unnecessary cosmetic-surgery procedures."

The lawsuit didn't detail what the accuser allegedly had nipped or tucked at The Gloved One's behest. But Mattern said the most glaring procedures gave his client noticeably red lips, resembling the garish makeup Jackson often wears in public, and a pronounced cleft chin.

Not only did he attack Jackson as a pervert, he also blasted The King of Pop as an intellectual thief. He said he came up with lyrics and melodies between ages 2 and 12 that Jackson stole.

The plaintiff's name isn't new to The King of Pop and cops. When deputies raided Neverland in fall 2003, Santa Barbara County authorities said they wanted to put any past or new Jackson accusers on the witness stand — and he stepped forward.

Santa Barbara County investigators interviewed the accuser at length, but authorities didn't believe his story would stand up in court, law-enforcement sources said.

PS. My question is

Where were the parents of this two-year-old Mozart child?

A. Running for their life from a camera crew
B. Having a body wax
C. Staying in hotels in Calabasas and using the phone but failing to call the cops
D. Scaping in a hot air balloon

All the options above were excuses given by Janet Arvizo the last Jackson accuser. Not much difference in how ridiculous the claims can get against Mr. Jackson and still be believed. All you need is Michael Jackson on the defendant chair to believe ANYTHING against him, it does not matter how ridiculous the accusations are. Just ask Tom Sneddon.

T, and Kaymon contributed to this report...


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what the hell?!

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Blogger pyt in nyc said...

i choose D.

4:58 AM  
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yeah here's another failed attempt

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