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Timeline please phone home: You must be in outer space

Daniel Jackson (Star Arvizo) and Anton Jackson (Gavin Arvizo) from Alamitos High School



Let's have a little exercise in logic, shall we?
To begin, the timeline and testimony given by the prosecution in the trial alleged that Gavin was not molested until shortly before "escaping" Neverland for the last time1 (remember, they escaped and went back a few times). That means that Michael Jackson allegedly began molesting Gavin after the Bashir documentary set of a worldwide media craze, with everyone speculating about inappropriate behavior by Mr. Jackson and while Mr. Jackson was being investigated by the Department of Child and Family Services. So, our first question is why would he molest Gavin while under all of this public scrutiny? It is clearly not a logical time to do so. One might answer 'because pedophiles are often impulsive and cannot control their behavior'. And that might be a valid answer except for the fact that Michael Jackson had known Gavin since late summer of 2000. If we are to believe that he was such an impulsive pedophile, then why was he able to control those impulses for about the first two and a half years that he knew Gavin, but not able to control he impulses when he is being investigated for something, according to Gavin's testimony, had not happened yet? Maybe Michael Jackson heard the speculation that he was allegedly molesting this young man and thought 'hey, what a good idea! Why didn't I think of that in the last 2+ years I have known Gavin! I'll go molest him now while the media, DCFS, and cops are watching me'.

Buy wait, there is more. The prosecution's timeline during the trial argued that the alleged molestation happened between Feb 20th and March 12th (the day the Arvizo's left Neverland for the last time). Gavin testified that the molestation did not occur immediately before leaving Neverland, but at least a few days before and at one point even said as much as a week before, which would narrow the timeline to Feb 20th to March 5th. The DCFS investigation lasted until Feb 27th, according to the report filed by the DCFS. Also keep in mind that Mark Geragos had told Michael Jackson to avoid the Arvizos during this time and that the Arvizos had left Neverland and returned several times during this time period. In addition, Michael Jackson was out of state for portions of this time and was not even at Neverland.

So, let's review. During our approximate 15 day timeline (Feb 20th to March 5th), we have:
-Worldwide media frenzy started by the Bashir documentary aired on Feb 6th that sparked public speculation over inappropriate behavior on the part of Mr. Jacksons with the boy, Gavin, that appeared in that documentary. Although Gavin testified that nothing inappropriate had happened (originally yes, but he then changed his story) yet at the time of the documentary and in fact not until after the DCFS interviewed him on Feb 16th.
-Michael Jackson being investigated by the DCFS (beginning Feb 14th and ending Feb 27th with a finding that the accusations were unfounded)
-The Arvizo's 'escaping' Neverland three times
-Michael Jackson being out of state for part of the time period
-Mark Geragos advising Michael Jackson to cut all ties with the Arvizos and avoid them
And we are to believe that Michael Jackson molested Gavin amid all of this? The idea is illogical and really quite laughable.

1. March 10th testimony regarding when Mr. Jackson allegedly began 'molesting' Gavin. (Q: Tom Mesereau A: Gavin Anton Arvizo)

Q: So right before you’re supposed to leave to Brazil --
A. No, right before we left Neverland.
Q. Oh, right before you left Neverland for good.
A. No, right before -- maybe a few days.
Q. A few days before you left Neverland for good.
A. Yes, because -- yeah.

2. March 10th testimony regarding when Mr. Jackson allegedly began 'molesting' Gavin. (Q: Tom Mesereau A: Gavin Anton Arvizo)

Q. Okay. So it’s actually a little bit after the interview with the social workers, then, right.
A. Maybe it’s a little bit after. And it’s probably -- I don’t think it happened right -- like, it didn’t happen, like, the day -- like, he did it, and then the day after, we left. I don’t think it happened like that.
Q. But it’s right before you leave Neverland for good, right.
A. Maybe a week before, or something like that.
Q. Okay. Okay. And you’ve already had the interview with the social workers, as you said, right.
A. Yes.

3 May 13th testimony from Mark Geragos. (Q: Ron Zonen, A: Mark Geragos)
Q. Now, I asked you a number of questions about your giving counsel to your client about the Arvizo family leaving Neverland. When did you finally tell your client that it’s time for the Arvizo family to go home?
A. I think I told -- I don’t know that it was Michael or Ronald, or maybe on the same phone call, but sometime in March that -- in March of ‘03.
Q. Now, were you aware in March of ‘03 that the Arvizo family was still at Neverland?
A. I think they had come and gone, was my 10321 understanding back then, in March of ‘03.

4. May 13th testimony from Mark Geragos. (Q: Ron Zonen, A: Mark Geragos)
Q. All right. Is there a reason you didn’t call Michael Jackson directly, given that he is your -- was your client --
A. Well --
Q. -- and tell him to send the Arvizo family home? Is there a reason you didn’t do that?
A. Because I don’t believe, at the time when I 10322 had that conversation, that Michael was even at Neverland. I don’t think Michael was there then.
Q. Did you make any effort to determine when Michael Jackson would be at Neverland?
A. Well, when you say, “make an effort to determine,” I believe at one point he was out of state and -- in March, and I was informed of that, and so that’s -- that was the basis for my opinion.

As you would noticed in the testimony that is highlighted Gavin said he was molested after the social workers went to his home, however, in previous statements with Stan Katz and the police he had said BEFORE.

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