Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Meet my dog Diane Dimond...

I adopted Diane in 1993, she was such a sweet dog. Never pooped around the house, always barked at the right times. Cute as a baby's smile. One day though, I got her a new brand of food called "Michael Jackson..." Oh lordddd, she lovedddddddddddddddd the food, she would eat it every day! I couldn't even try to change the food, the bitch just knew, which food was Michael Jackson and which was Bobby Brown. She wanted nothing to do with Bobby Brown. I noticed one day my dear dog Diane kept running around the house like crazy! I was worried about her. I then noticed Diane shitting her brains out. There was shit everywhere. I freaked out and screamed, I couldn't believe the bitch shitted all over my place. I realized the food was making my dear dog have chronic diarrhea. Everytime she ate Michael Jackson she ran to the bathroom. I tried to help her, I gave her medicine.

I took her to the doctor! I did everything for her, but she just couldn't stop eating the food that made her sick. She wouldn't eat anything else, nothing else, not even those Priest bones I used to throw her. All she wanted was Michael Jackson brand food. It's been 10 years and my Dog Diane still alive, shitting her brains out though because she's still eating Michael Jackson brand of dog food, however, she is a bit old. My dog may not have much left in her, it seems like she already shitted everything there is to shit. If not, bring it on.


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